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Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday's post - where did it go?

This is yesterday's, Sunday's post. don't know what happened to it I thought it posted?????
Saturday was pretty much a do nothing day for me anyway. Did a lot of reading and napping. First thing in the morning we watched the owner plowing up the sand to keep vehicles off of it. Beyond where he plowed is the beach road and the part of the beach the people play on.
There is another RV in here now. Owned by a lawyer who works for the Mexican Department of Transportation.
I did go out last evening to watch the sunset – one of the nicest we’ve seen here.

Got prettier as it got later.
This morning we went into Aticama to the Centro Cultural for a small tiangas. The Cultural Center is run by gringos living around the area.
It is to help the town. There is a library there, a WiFi connection, a few computers and some classes. Several events are held here throughout the winter. Over the weekend there was an art show.
Today as we were leaving there was an auction going on for some of the art work.
One of the vendors was selling large woven throws and colorful tablecloths.
This rocking chair was part of the art exhibit. The rocker belonged to an older woman from Aticama who rocked her many grandchildren in this chair. The artist carved the drawing of the woman and child in it.
Our main reason for going to the tiangas was to get some coffee from the coffee processor that we visited a couple of weeks ago. We got some Mocha and some Continental. Smells so good. They sell it in beans or ground. Their web site is http://www.capulin.com
A couple of the plants for sale here. We asked if they could live in Indiana and got a resounding No. But to qualify that – they would live if we brought them inside during the winter but they wouldn’t bloom. No sense having them then.
I finished reading an excellent book by Nelson DeMille – The Panther. It’s one of the John Corey series.
Going to have to go to the restaurant to post this. Still no connection for the TelCel. It tries but can’t stay connected.
This is a repost from yesterday. I thought it had posted but guess it didn't. Today's post is just below this one.