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Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday in Paradise

Up and about early for us yesterday morning. Bill fixed us breakfast and we into Aticama to visit the tiangas. As we went down the dirt road into town we stopped to watch some of the oyster fishermen. A look at their inner tubes with the nets on them. The one on the left has on a wet suit and a mask.
This diver wears just swim trunks – they are dumping their catch into a bucket to take in to sell.
It is hard to see but the oysters are in the net and the net is suspended from a scale. Weighing prior to negotiating a price.
How can they sell so many oysters a day?
Then on to the tiangas. This table was brought in for sale while we were there. First a side view – all hand carved wood.
And then the top. Made from seeds, shells, pods and sand (that I recognized) under a glass top. Didn’t ask the price. Sure was pretty though. 
 Bill talking to the coffee people and paying for my t-shirt. – that someday will be part of a quilt – if and when I ever get to it. 
Just a look inside the Cultural Center. There are a lot of activities and books in there.
Including a large selection of paperback books in English. We picked out a few and went looking for someone to ask how we could check them out. We were eventually introduced to Leon who kind of seems to be in charge. He told us there’s no real system to the books. We could borrow them, read them return them, or we could exchange them for books we’ve got. The only set rule is try to give back more than you take. They have a Liberian there during the week from 2 to 8 o’clock. She is a member of a government union. Union? Oh yes. And the rules for her job are stringent. All she can do is library work – not even including dusting. Some how we didn’t think about unions in Mexico.
I also bought a beaded bracelet – want to see if I can figure out how it is made.
Then back here to the campground. Bill wanted to follow a couple of soccer games so we had to go to the restaurant to get WiFi. I updated the blog and he watched his games until the Internet went out – just before the end of the second game.
While on line I put a new Shout Box on the blog – it is free. The old one stopped being free. It is cheap enough but I’m even cheaper. We’ll see how this one works. Let me know.
Later we decided to go into San Blas just to get out and about. Drove there up the beach – a couple of vendors – they walk back and forth all day.
A wanderer – how does the song go? Freedom is having nothing left to loose – wonder how he feels about that?
Sunday was the end of the Christmas vacation so the beaches will probably be more quiet from now on.
We took a little side road just after we got off the beach. And found lots and lots of little restaurants. Including this one.
 It was an interesting area. Lots of covered parking places and nice beaches that were crowded. Saw this – love the unexpected art we find all over. On the door of a small building.
Continued up the road that kept getting narrower and narrower, two dirt tracks then into two sand tracks then reached the point where Bill didn’t want to continue on it. 

Looked like it was heading into the sea…..But what a beautiful area. Very secluded. Lots of sand high grass and palm trees. Struck me as a baby making area come evenings.
Wish this picture was better but the sun was in the wrong place. Three guys and a truck. One climbing the palm tree with his machete and chopping down the coconuts. He climbed the tree faster than I can climb stairs.
Another vendor heading home after a long day.
Got to downtown SanBlas and parked to walk around a little. Bill wants a beaded hatband. He wants it in red, white and blue - doesn't care about the design. Measuring the hatband. It should be ready by next weekend.
 Then watched this big bus trying to make the corner. Lucking there were no vendors on that corner today. But it took a couple of people getting off the bus to call directions to the driver. He made it
Simple things amuse simple minds – the longer we are here the more simple life becomes. Back on the beach heading home spotted this little boat anchored out in the harbor. WOW.
And the sunset of course. 
They all start looking alike don't they.
I’m reading a book by David Baldacci now – Zero Day – pretty good. The main character reminds me so much of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher.
I was going to refill my small jelly bean jar last evening so got out the big Sam’s Club jar out of the cupboard and couldn’t get any jelly beans out of it. They are stuck together in one big hard clump. Couldn’t even pry them out with a knife. Maybe a hint to me that I don’t need to eat them. My good intentions of walking and stopping eating junk food just seem to melt away....but the fat doesn't.
Guess I’m going to have to start using my new camera soon as the batteries in the old camera are not holding charges. Phooey! Hard to teach old dogs new tricks.The new camera is a little bigger and more awkward to use - especially if I'm trying to sneak a picture be unobtrusive. 
Don't know what we'll do today - nothing on the agenda now that this is done. 


  1. Can't you get new batteries for the old camera? If they are very odd, try a cell phone shop. I have a pocket radio that uses the same battery as a Palm Treo. Remember them?

  2. GREAT post, Carol! Always something to see and new roads to follow!

    Hi to Bill!

    T, D and C