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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Day on the Beach

Good morning  it is 4:55 a.m. and I can't sleep any longer. At least the Internet works fast this time of day! Took some short videos yesterday to share our strenuous day with you. But somebody has to do it.
ICK ICK -just got a bug in my mouth from my coffee ICK  As you'll see Bill got a couple of his kites out [can't let all that wind go to waste] and he continued to play with the birds. 

Took this picture of the restaurant here on the campground as the sun was coming up. 
 The Alfa, the Jeep and the edge of the restaurant. Sea of Cortez in front of us. Could it get much better?
 Another photo of Bill and the birds. I swear they recognize the Alfa. Didn't see any when we got here Sunday. But by morning they were all sitting out in front of us. - waiting. 
 He fed them a couple boxes of cookies then we had to go into town to the Leys market to buy fresh tortillas for them. The tortilla making machine. Had to work overtime just to supply Bill. 
 Taking a break from feeding the birds and getting his pretty kite ready to fly. Took a while to remember how it went together. 
And there it is way up there. It takes a lot of wind to keep this one in the air. 
 No kite in this picture, just documenting all the RVs here. And there are a couple in the middle line of spaces. The restaurant was busy most of the day with local families. 
 The fish kite - it was easier to put together and is pretty when it is flying. 

 Relaxing after a busy day of feeding and flying. And I even cooked dinner last night. Need to get rid of some of the stuff we can't take back over the US border. 
No clouds in the sky so no spectacular sunset. Wednesday it is supposed to be a little cloudy. When the sun drops down it gets cold here fast. We have the little heater running all night. 
Huatabampito Sunset 


  1. 4:55 am????????????? YIKES!!! Great post and it was really nice to see the big line-up of RV's there. Hopefully, there will still be somebody there when we arrive about March 14th. I am sure you two will be long gone by then!!

    Have a great day, friends!! (PS - I finished THE book.....when are you writing another??)

    1. I believe I'd wait until next year when you are self contained and have a vehicle. NEVER writing another one.

  2. You seem to have fun and find interesting things to do no matter where you are. Sure enjoy your posts.

    1. We just go with the flow - and enjoy where ever we are. Well usually anyway.

  3. Oh, I forgot, the ICK ICK bug part in the coffee made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wasn't funny at the time. Cups and pot now covered at all times.