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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Life in and around Aticama

I’m really getting behind in this. I hate not having Internet right here, right now. The Internet in the restaurant kind of works – if only one person is using it. And if it is early in the morning…So anyway. Friday I got up early to post then I took a little (6800 steps) walk up the beach. Before it got too warm. Lots of empty beach to walk on. Looking north towards San Blas.
As I walked a way I could begin to see the new pier that is being built. I posted about it when we were here about a year ago. It along with the new toll road up the mountain seems to be taking an awful long time to complete. You can see it in the distance.
Just a sign along the way.
They have built a nice Malecon along this area. A bike, walking area. Lots of exercise equipment and things for kids to play and climb on.
A couple more pictures of the pier.

Lots of dump trucks taking loads of BIG rocks out to the end to build it up.
I got back to the Alfa to find it in pieces! Bill was having the brakes checked. They are still in good shape – just needed some dust and dirt taken out of them.
Putting the tires back on.
Later that day we drove into Aticama for something to do. Another mural near the plaza there. It needs a little TLC.
There was a lot of activity in the little plaza. A couple of carnival rides had been put up for kids.
There was a little place where they could choose a ceramic piece and then paint it.

A set up with shelves with glass bottles on them. The idea was to throw a good sized rock and break a bottle. Don’t know what the prize was. All I saw were cans of beer.
A three man music group under one of the big trees. I thought the sax player was pretty good. Everyone was singing along.

And the most amazing thing. This tower was being put together – it is a fireworks tower.

See the guy about a quarter of the way up it. Those square things on the right are what it is built of. Held together with twine. Can’t even imagine climbing up there putting it together.
This is a small fireworks set up. There were a couple of them.
Watched for a while and headed home. Stopped at the produce truck to buy some onions and tangerines – more expensive here than in Mazatlan.
House up on the hill. (for you George)
Just a tree with some pretty yellow flowers on it.
Looking towards Aticama from the RV. The fireworks tower is where the arrow is.
You can see how big it is. We can see it from campground
And even later in the day we went into San Blas for dinner. San Blas is known for the different species of birds here. Here is a mural of some of them. Interesting how wit is painted.

Dinner in the restaurant The Island with John and Shirley.
All kinds of shell decorations and good food.

Back home we could hear the fireworks start about 10:00 and dumb me I went out to look without the camera. The whole tower was lit up. Eventually I got smart and got the camera for the very end of the display. 
And so ended another day on the beach. 

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  1. Hi Carol and Bill,

    Thanks for the pic of Fran and Weng's house up on the hill. My understanding is that Fran is going to visit Atacama very soon.

    Not Weng though. She is heading out next month to visit family in the Philippines.