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Thursday, February 4, 2016

An over 10,000 step day walking around Mazatlan.

Two headlines for this blog. Yesterday we did over 11,000 steps. (So just imagine how many pictures I took.) Discovered my FitBit vibrates when I hit 10,000 – scared the cr@p out of me.
Other headline is I RAN out of my Jelly Belly candy. How did I allow that to happen? Why didn’t I bring another jar with us? At least I can still find Häagen Dazs here. Now you know why I have to do the steps. 
Today Carnaval starts – streets in the Centro Historico will be closed and crowded. So we will pretty much stay away from there.
Saw this written on a wall – it says “The world needs people that love what they do.”
The map of our walk yesterday. Again amazing what you see/notice when you walk instead of ride. We caught a 10 peso bus and rode all the way to Centro to the Central Market. Still waiting for Bill’s shorts to come in. Vendor keeps saying “In a week.” For three weeks so far.
After walking through the crowded market – a ship was in. We stopped at Panama restaurant for lunch. I really like all the stained glass throughout the restaurant. This lamp is huge about 5 feet across.
I had my favorite drink – Chabela – jacama juice with chopped up fresh fruit in it.
And we both had Chicken Victoria. Chicken breast with mushrooms and cheese and a delicious sauce. Served with guacamole and potato salad. Very, very good.
Back out on the street. All the tourist vans parked waiting for their charges.
Passed a restaurant bar who hadn’t taken in their ice yet. It was melting they’d better hurry.
At Angel Flores street again. I never tire of the colorful houses.
This time we decided to walk up the sidewalk right in front of the houses. It climbs at a good clip – looking up – that’s a for sale sign next to me. See the outer railing. Looks good here.
Looking down. Where we came from.
Looking up again.
A ways up the outer railing shows it age. I thought what a shame that needs to be fixed.
Reached the top – leveling out. We are above the roof tops across the street.
Oh, Oh! Be careful what you wish for. The railing is being repaired – or rather the railing IS GONE! I know the walk way is wide but still my stomach and legs fluttered. You can’t see it here but right in front of Bill is a bush that takes up quite a bit of the walkway.
I continued on – not much choice - my right hand touching the buildings wall, until I got to the bush – couldn’t reach the wall. Stopped in my tracks. Just a little ways in front of me was railing again – had to go on. So I grabbed the poor little bush and snuck past it. Whew.
Got to where the wall was intact and repaired and looked down at the street. The workmen who are doing the repair work. The rubble from the old rail and the new pieces for the new wall.
On level ground and a half block further we started to see major Carnaval preparations. Free bathrooms with water tanks and separate sections for men and women.
Continued walking. We were now at the ocean. I have taken pictures of these stairs from a distance before. But up close – I don’t think I could walk up them without getting dizzy. So many different patterns and colors. And the gates were closed across them. Wonder if the restaurant is closed too? 
Pacifico advertising.
Again the ocean was very disturbed. Probably ‘cause the wind was really blowing again. And the tide was out some.
A stage is being built that will take up the entire street. No traffic in this area for a week. 

There are several really nice statues/sculptures along this area of Olas Altas (where most of the Carnaval festivities/parties will take place.) So the city has put up barricades around them to discourage climbing on them I guess. Good thinking.
Oh my own mermaidman.
Getting down to the diver’s area. As I said lots of tourist from the boat.
We were just in time to watch a diver. Getting ready for his dive. Remember rough sea and low tide…
There he goes.
Continuing down the street to the gates that will close this area off during the height of the festivities. They were already diverting traffic around the area. Residents, people working on the set up and tourists were allowed through on the wrong side of the street.
This house is for sale, right across the street from the ocean with a great view. I wonder how much it is.
This is going to have a Part 2 - as there are more pictures etc. And I want to look up some information about something we saw. As you can see we are enjoying the great weather.
Took another walk today - not quite as long. 
Heard from the mechanic we should get the car back tomorrow!


  1. 11,000 steps is incredible All by itself, but when you add the uphill and downhill in on that sidewalk it makes it even more incredible's. Well done.

    1. I knew we walked for a long ways but was surprised it was that far. It feels good to be able to do all that walking.

  2. I agree it is hard to get 10,000 steps in. We walk a lot and sometimes don't hit it what we stopping and looking and eating.

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