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Friday, February 5, 2016

Long walk Mazatlan Part 2

Friday morning already. Did some interesting things in our walk yesterday. Will save that for another post. All is going well for us here in Paradise. Still having perfect weather. This morning there is one tiny cloud in the bright blue sky. Going to be about 80 today. So far no wind. Carnaval is in full swing now. So we will avoid the old part of town until next week. 
Continuing with our long walk Wednesday Just a view of part of the city across the water.
We were coming up to the abandoned Casa Del Marino - The House of Sailors. This is where sailors could stay when visiting the city. Behind it is a fort with an old canon. The fort was used to defend the city against the French. 

What the building used to look like. 
What it looks like now - little by little it is falling apart. Though Bill said he read in the paper that there is now discussion about restoring it and the fort behind it. I hope so.
 I was trying to find out more about it on line. Especially something to give some information about this sidewalk leading up to the building. Was it a casino at some time in its life?
 These guys were laughing at my shudder when I passed their little restaurant on the beach. Sorry I just don't like things that come in shells. 
 We were nearing the "port" for the small fishing boats. All pulled up on the sand so high tide won't reach them. It was later in the day so almost no activity going on except for the birds. This is the section of Mazatlan that was here in 1978.
 Just some young hometown girls passing us old folks. Beautiful and barefoot. 
 The birds riding the wind. 
 About the only fisherman we saw. He was working on something on his boat - the Black Pearl. 
 Just some building across the street. 
 All the times we've driven down this road I never noticed this.
 Condominios Maria del Mar. Wonder what they are like inside. They have a great view. 
 And the end of our walk. The Fisherman's Monument. 
Here we caught a bus we thought would take us to Mega - the grocery store - When catching a bus you have to be quick to read the signs on the windshield to figure out where it is going, We saw Gran Plaza, the big mall about two blocks from Mega so we got on. Oops. He turned around at Gran Plaza so we hurried to get to a door to get off. This was a 7.5 peso bus. You never know what you might see in the interior of the buses. A picture to keep driver and passengers safe? And the cartoon...who knows.
Don't know what this drum shaped thing was but it was all covered in black leather with a big white spider on the top. The gear shift is also covered in leather. 

Walked the two blocks further. Got some groceries and took a Safari the rest of the way home. 

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