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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Normal daily life around San Blas and Aticama

Resized my pictures and wrote most of the blog before I went to bed Thursday night so I could get up early and over to the campground’s restaurant to post while their Wi-Fi was still working. That’s how I managed to post yesterday’s blog. So while Bill is “reading” this afternoon I am working on this post.
Taking up where I left off yesterday in our walk around San Blas. We went into the Central Market – forgot to take a picture of the outside of it. Right inside the front doors are these two framed posters. Bill gave me a translation of this one. It says 
The audacious and valiant shark hunters of the Port of San Blas
These humble men of the sea everyday go out on their boats Happy and Content, confronting death with valor; “And everything is for providing for their family”… Are they coming back? Only God know that.

This poster is all about the town of San Blas and what there is to do in and around it.
Like all central markets there are small restaurants.
Then on down to the produce section. Their selection doesn’t seem to be as big and varied as in years past. Maybe the outside vendors are taking some of their business away.
Only one meat seller in here now. Not much meat in the case.
Dry goods. Some in bulk. Also some canned and packaged goods.
Back outside a look at the old and newer churches across the street.
For anyone familiar with San Blas this used to be the San Blas Social Club. Now it looks more like a nightclub/bar. The Social Club is still operating but on another side of the plaza. Phil is still the chef.
A look at the government building during the day. It is beige and purple.
Inside all the arched walkways. Again purple trim.
Back in the car heading home – we remembered to pick up our chicken. Passed this beauty salon. Purple seems to be the “in color” this year.
We thought about driving home on the beach, so headed out that way. Through the arch on the dirt road.
Went around the restaurants and out on to the beach and realized the tide was pretty high. In fact too high to clear the brush up ahead. We were smarter than the guy in Mazatlan, we turned around and took the highway.
Passed the mailman making his rounds.
Back at the campground a tractor going down the beach.
There is an ultralite here again this year. But it is not the one I went up in a few years ago. The pilot of that one – Chip – died over the winter of cancer.
Just another picture of the Alfa.
The beach is used as a road by many people going between San Blas and Aticama. It is a much shorter distance than following the real road. We take the red line.
Us included.
Once in Aticama we found that the patches made to the main road a couple of years ago didn’t hold. Got to go really slow here. Don’t know how deep those holes are.
And lots of traffic around.
A new mural in town. 

It is part of the Museum - but it wasn't open.
How many men will fit in the back of a pickup truck?
We were just driving around checking out the scenery. I really like the red trunk trees.
Back in Aticama – this is the “little river” area where Ms. Tioga and George used to park. It is being built up now.
And a new modern clothing store in town.
A rather different new house being built.
I think this is a bus stop.
And like I said for dinner we went into San Blas to Tradiciones so I could go on line using our MiFi and then we stayed for dinner. Great dinner. 
Chicken cutlets breaded.White potatoes sliced thin, seasoned and cooked and a big salad. We also shared ½ liter of coke. 8.20 US dollars. All in all a good day.

When we got home John and Shirley came over and visited a while. 
There has been some overcast during the day so the temperatures haven't been quite so high and the nights are still cooling down.
Took a walk on the beach yesterday and had the brakes on the Alfa checked. More about that next post. 


  1. Hi Carol,
    I learned just a few minutes ago here in your blog about the passing of Chip! :(

    I am able to picture him in my mind's eye.



  2. Thank you for a copy of your book - waiting for your RV to arrive in Columbia at the moment :)