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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More walking in Mazatlan. Always something to see.

We had a fairly busy day yesterday. Started off first thing in the morning doing some much needed cleaning of the Alfa. Dug the vacuum out from under the bed and vacuumed the heck out of the place. Oops I meant to check the filter bag before putting it away. Oh well.
Then all the tile floors got mopped. Got the carpet cleaner out and scrubbed the spots off the rugs. Even dusted and put some Old English on the wood cabinets. Can you say Pooped.
We did all that in the morning before it started to warm up. It cooled enough here over the night to turn the furnace on for a while in the a.m. This morning we had the fireplace going to take the chill off. But guess we shouldn’t complain after seeing all the bad/cold weather in the Southwest.
Before storing my new truck away I took some more pictures of it. It is about 18” long and 9” high. It is ceramic, hand painted and then baked. Here is the side of it.
The front. Notice the lights and hood ornament.
The back end.
Looking down on it. The bed of the pickup is painted too.
From the other side. See the driver in there.
The driver and his passenger.

The signature of the person who painted it.
I’m still wondering where I’ll put it at home. I think on the shelves under the TV.
Pablo, the mechanic, came around noon to pick up the Jeep. Hopefully he has all the parts – I forgot to ask Bill if he knew. So when we get him back we’ll decide what we will do with the rest of the winter. Las Vegas was down to 29 last night so don’t want to go home yet.
About 4:00 I decided I’d better start doing some walking again. Bill and I started out walking north on the sidewalk in front of the RV park. After a couple of boring scenery blocks Bill suggested we catch a bus and go to the Malecon. Good idea. And just as we crossed the street the bus came. It was a 10 peso each bus – one with AC. We stopped to pick someone up right across the street from this hotel. See the Mickey Mouse shrub out front? And the huge philodendron climbing up the palm tree.
By the time we reached the Malecon the bus was full, people having to stand up and hang on to the overhead bar.
We got off right where the Malecon begins. Bill looking out over the wall to the ocean and beach. Shirt sleeve and shorts weather. Though the wind was blowing pretty good. The wind reached 40mph in parts of Mazatlan yesterday.
Just a building that has been like this for at least 3 years. Wish they would finish it. The yellow Pacifico tent is there for the Carnaval celebrations. There is one every couple of blocks.
A Mazatlan native all bundled up in his jeans and sweat shirt. We forget it is winter for them.
The road where the tunnel went in. We looked over the rail and there is no sign of the tunnel coming out to the beach. Guess they will finish that part later – they will have to destroy the sidewalk to put it in.
A fairly new statue. It commemorates the Mazatlan baseball team who won the Mexico championship this year.
Mostly the beach was pretty empty. Is he fishing for dinner or just for the fun of it.
The Centro Historico is behind those big rocky hills in the distance.
Behind these big signs are a bunch of buildings that have been abandoned for years. They were really an eyesore. One way of hiding them.
There is a whole lot of new construction going on all over the city. Looks like they are adding floors to this building.
A closer look at the construction.Look closely at the supports.
A youth soccer team practicing on the beach. They were really getting a work out. Stood and watched them for a while.
A few more blocks and the wind picked up some and the temperatures were dropping along with the sun. We did 5600 steps along the Malecon and were only 1/3rd of the way up it. If that far. So we crossed the street and caught a bus towards home. Another 10 peso bus – but check out the tuck and roll upholstery on the area above the driver.

Stopped to pick someone up and I saw this abandoned building. Don’t know what it was but it was named “When Pigs Fly.”
Bus let us off right in front of the campgrounds gate.
And by the time we reached the RV it was quite cool out. So nice to come back to a clean RV.
Ended up doing about 6000 steps – but I wasn’t wearing my FitBit while cleaning so did a little more than that. Maybe today we can take the bus to where we stopped yesterday and continue our walk on the Malecon.

Carnaval starts tomorrow so until it ends we will kind of avoid this area. 


  1. We did about 6,000 today as well in town.

    1. You guys could always out walk us but we are getting pretty good. I can't believe how good I feel this year!

  2. I love that truck. Hope you don't go back to Vegas soon. I love your Mazatlan stories and pics.

    1. Vegas is still way too cold for Bill. If we leave Maz it will be to go south to places we haven't been for a while.

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