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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Doing lots of nothing in Mazatlan

We did next to nothing yesterday. So I had to wait until we did something today to write about. The only thing we did yesterday was go to an Auto Zone to try to get the lights that stick to the car with magnets to use when towing. On the way down here our old ones quit working and the inexpensive cheap ones we still had in the package Bill took out to use when we went to San Blas. Well the lights worked but the magnets weren’t strong enough to stick to the roof of the Jeep. So they just kind of hung off the back. Not much good. Any way we didn’t find any. So…
The weather here has changed from perfect to muy hot and muy, muy humid. Not my cup of tea. There is a breeze and it cools down still at night. So we are trying to decide on what to do. Our time here is up on Sunday. Do we head north? Or pay for another two weeks here – a month would be way too long.
I did walk around the campground yesterday to take a picture of the pretty blooming yellow trees. They are the brightest yellow.
This morning we were discussing leaving Sunday. Then we went out for breakfast at Torres on the beach. Sitting there watching the birds and boats in the ocean with a wonderful ocean breeze blowing on us we started to change our minds. Maybe another two weeks…The pelicans really put on a show this morning.
The fruit vendor went by the windows. He was holding his try of fruit up high and you can see the roll on the top of his head that he uses when carrying it on his head.
A pleasure boat and a fishing boat.
We had a rather young waiter this morning. He spoke English quite well. Bill asked him where he had learned his English and his answer made us laugh. He learned a lot of it from playing video games and watching movies. Also his girlfriend speaks good English. 
An iguana that hangs out at Torres when it is warm out.
We dropped off our laundry – the reason we were out then went to the Soriana supermarket. They have a new way to display the octopus for sale. Sitting on an ice mushroom. ICK
And as always the pastry fascinates me. Another beautiful cake. A sheet of decorated chocolate all around it full of frosting flowers on top.
These are cupcakes. This guy looks mean – has an oreo in his mouth
Big eyes and lots of red icing on him. A bird I guess. 
And this one?? Kind of a cone faced kitty?
We also went to the ATM. The peso exchange rate has changed It was up to 19.2 per 1 dollar, it is now under 18 to a dollar.
On the way home I noticed this painting I don’t remember seeing before. It is in a little park that we pass.

And on the main street not only are the sidewalks getting replaced so are the areas between the sidewalks and the street where cars park. 
There is lots of road and sidewalk work being done in the city. Almost anywhere you go you run into something being done. Also several new condo and housing developments going up. 


  1. Replies
    1. Probably should have gone there first when it was cooler.

  2. Us too and there is no A/C in a VW Westfalia!!!

    1. even the AC doesn't help with the humidity. everything outside feels wet.

  3. Oh , I hate to see you leave Mazatlan. I love your pics and all the stories of your adventures. Those cakes are amazing, especially the first one. Thanks for posting.

    1. we still haven't decided when we're leaving for sure. But will make a couple of stops on the way home. hopefully for good foto shots.

  4. Weather is really good here in Panajachel, Guatemala. I'll be remaining here until March 8th.

    Then return to Antigua for a brief visit with Mary-Pat Sherman. Then my trip back to home.

    I really like to look at your pics, Carol !


    1. sounds like you are having a good time there. you can't get a good steak here either.
      if we leave Sunday we'll probably be home before you. Vegas is warming up.

  5. Muy hot here in Aticama, too but really enjoying our stay at El Chaco, thanks for suggesting it to us. There was a nice breeze all afternoon. We will be going further South tomorrow - beginning to think we are doing this trip backwards!

    1. I kind of wondered about the heat when you said you were going south.

    2. I kind of wondered about the heat when you said you were going south.