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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Still around - just a couple of not too good days for me.

Saturday morning I started writing this – so it has a couple of days’ worth of musings in it...
Ugh – we both got up early this morning, I was up at 5:24 and Bill got up a little after 6.
It remains dark out until almost 7:00. And cold. The furnace is now on he is so cold.
We were watching the news last night and it showed the Durango Highway – there was snow and ice on it. Hope the caravan that is leaving for Durango this morning doesn’t have any problems. They just pulled out and they have a Green Angel truck following them. Wonder if that is a full time thing.
The magpies get up early too. Right now there are five of them in the tree eating. At least they are eating and not squawking.
And that was all I wrote and practically all I did yesterday. Didn’t leave the RV all day. It turned out to be a warmer day than we’ve been having. So the AC ran all day. And it was really putting out COLD air. Hadn’t realized it was not running as it should have been.
Watched a couple of Mexican League soccer games and one of the old Die Hard movies [when Bruce Willis still had hair] on TV. Read a book. Didn’t even go on-line.
Later today [this is Sunday’s part]  I’ll do my end of month laptop backup Did not feel good most of Sunday – severe headache and stomach upset – mostly due to medication I’m taking for after surgery problem. I hate that pill.
Well now it is Monday and I still haven’t finished this. Got out of bed yesterday and felt lousy, continued to feel crappy all day. Only thing we did was go to Torres for breakfast. I’d been craving waffles and they have the best ever – and their waffle maker was broken so didn’t get one. Day went downhill from there. My camera must be wondering about me, haven’t used it for four days.
So now it is Tuesday. Yesterday I did get a few things done. I backed up my laptop to an external drive. And we took the bus to Mega for groceries. Nope the mechanic still doesn’t have the parts for the Jeep but we don’t want to drive it and screw it up worse. Took a Safari home.
Last week while Doug and Nancy were still here we were supposed to go with them to meet a couple who read our blogs. Norman and Susan. Unfortunately it was when the AC technician was here so Bill and I didn’t go. But I want to thank Susan – she gave Nancy a SD card for me with a whole bunch of John D MacDonald books on it. And 2000 other books too! WOW thank you so much Susan.
Going to have to start walking again, haven’t even had my FitBit on. I should have had it on this morning. I had a surge of energy – amazing what feeling good can do – and cleaned house. Vacuumed, dusted, polished wood, and spotted rugs. Everything looks and smells so good now. It also helped that there is a great cool ocean breeze.
I mentioned backing up my laptop. One reason is of course all the pictures, but I have a program to keep track of all our expenses when we travel. I set it up in Microsoft Access.
It does all the calculations for me. Pesos to dollars, liters to gallons and figures the dollars at the correct exchange rate.  I would hate to lose that. From this window I can go to each different page.
Here is where I keep tract of campground info and expenses and also miles we’ve driven. 15,000 pesos for 60 days is about US $14 a day. It just looks scary in pesos. 
This one is for keep tract of daily expenses. If we are in the US I enter the exchange rate of 1, here in Mexico I put in the exchange rate of the day. There is another section of this page that shows me an up-to-date total of each expense in US dollars..
And here is the one for the Jeep gasoline. Automatically converts liters to gallons and pesos to dollars. And gives me a total at day to date. 
Also have one for diesel for the Alfa
And one each for maintenance for both vehicles (I keep these up to date even when we aren’t traveling.) 
So if Bill asks me "When did we put on new tires - I just check this. And one for non-consumable items we buy – like pots and pans etc. Sure makes it easy to keep tract of things.

We have had a couple of nice sunsets finally. Only got pictures of one of them. 
And that is about it for today. Maybe will take a walk later. 


  1. Hey - I think you are just missing us!!! I can't post any pictures right now. Just the first two days and now it won't allow me anymore. Maybe I went over my "byte" allowance!! Not sure if we can drag the kids down to the park or not!! See you Friday morning!

  2. Yes we are missing you and your evening visits.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Have you seen the photos of the mountains around Las Vegas with snow on them? I've been in the LV area for the last couple of weeks and just left Boulder Campground this morning because I could not stand the cold with dry camping. It was so cold yesterday, I did not even have the courage to take the trash out. And this morning, when I put my slides in, ice fell off the slide covers! Brrrr.

    So be glad you are where you want to run the AC!!


    1. I'm glad we aren't there now. Beautiful here again

  4. Hi Carol, enjoyed reading your update. Hope you are feeling better. Say hi to Bill. Have a great day.
    Love to you both.

    1. Miss you guys. I am fine again - just a little on day hiccup.

  5. Hi Carol and Bill. We just returned home to Tofield, Alberta and am just getting caught up on some of the blogs I read and was sorry to hear that you were not feeling well but so happy to hear that you are enjoying the books. Hope you feel better soon and hopefully we eventually will get a chance to meet someday. You are truly the original pioneers of RVing and it is wonderful how you share your knowledge with others. It is a pleasure following your blog. Thanks.

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