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Monday, February 15, 2016

More pictures and stuff from San Blas and Aticama, MX

The road going from where we are parked into San Blas. The trees meet at the top. The Alfa just barely makes it through. 
 Yes, this is a two way street in San Blas. The big cross country buses use this street. You better hope you have a place to pull over out of the way. 
 Spaghetti for dinner?
 The center of San Blas. Taken from the plaza. The central market and the old church
 Thought this was interesting it says "If I go out I'm with God and if I don't come back I am with God." On the tank of a motorcycle. 
 More big fish for sale.
 And octopus. 
 All kinds of fruits and vegetables. All of these things are on the street next to the Central Market.
 Walking around the plaza we discovered our friend Melissa was there. Last year she told us she was thinking of moving to Guanajuato - one of the reasons we were thinking of going there. She is the one who made Bill's colorful beaded hat bands. 
Bill talking to her and her delightful mother. 
 All weekend the church bells have been ringing. Finally caught the bell ringer. The night before two women were ringing the bell.
 Lots and lots of traffic in town. Especially bicycles and motor scooters.
 Saw this old bus parked in a field.
 Only four people on this motorcycle. Sometimes there are as many as five.
 A half way decent sunset.

 Sunday we went to the tiangus - flea market - in Aticama. This is a sculpture out front of the cultural center where it was held
We went there especially to buy the delicious coffee we like. Ended up with ten bags of it.  Will post about it in next blog. Also about today's relocation. 


  1. We constantly were hearing the church bells in SMA and Guanajuato, still trying to figure out the logic as they didn't just chime for the time (5 times for 5 PM).

  2. P.S. we may take a few days and go to San Blas, any ideas for a good hotel in town? Too bad you guys left.

  3. No ideas on a hotel there - have seen one really nice one think it is expensive too. this one http://www.rivieranayarit.com/hacienda_flamingos_nayarit