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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mazatlan, sunsets, shopping and dinner out.

So the question is "Why did we leave Aticama after only five days and why didn't we go further south?" Well it is kind of hard to answer. But first and foremost - it wasn't the bugs that chased us out. Neither of us got so much as one bug bite while there. And we were out all times of the day and night at the campground, in Aticama and San Blas. Only twice did I remember to put on bug spray. I think either their program for eradicating them is working and/or there was always a breeze from off shore. However the humidity was quite high and that gets to me quickly. Makes me very uncomfortable. Also we've been there every year for quite a few years so we went mostly to see friends and get the coffee not to explore the area. 
Why did we go north instead of south? That is harder to answer. Partly it is just a long and expensive drive to Guanajuato. And going through Guadalajara is nerve wracking. Maybe we are just getting old enough it didn't appeal to us any more. Getting in to the San Blas area and getting out of it is driving on lots of bad road that takes a lot out of the driver and passenger. So we are back in Mazatlan - a city that feels like home to us. 
The drive was 189 miles and took almost five hours. The first 80 miles of the drive was the very slow part. Through narrow roads, lots and lots of topes that were hard to spot, lots of traffic and a couple of towns. Once on the Autopista it wasn't bad. That part took almost two hours. Soon we were back in Sinaloa. 
 A couple miles up the road was a FitoSanitario - an agricultural stop. Here they come inside and look in the refrigerator for fruit and vegetables they don't want brought into their state. We didn't have anything in the refrigerator that didn't pass inspection. The inspectors are always very nice and respectful. 

 A little further along there was another stop This one a military check point.
 We dutifully stopped and the soldier asked where we'd come from. We told him San Blas. He thanked us and waved us on. 
 We got to Mazatlan around 2:00 - "our" spot was empty and waiting for us. So we settled in and took it easy for a while. (the caravan that was there when we left had just left that day.)
It looked like it might be a pretty sunset so we took dirty Willie up the road a piece to see it. 
 He just ignored us.
 Too many low clouds out to sea to be real pretty. So we went home, ate salads and watched some TV and read and went to bed. 
 The next morning when we were going for breakfast we saw this trailer - a Shasta. Have to find out more about it. This is for you Nancy. It is different from the one you saw. It is parked in "your" spot.
We stopped at Michael Gallery in the Golden Zone to check on the tile that Bill wants. Saw this display of hearts. Again for you Nancy.
 The clerk and Bill out in the sunlight checking on different colors of tiles.
 A closer look. The ones with the design are what we are for sure getting. Then have to decide weather we want yellow, green or blue accent tiles. I think we settled on blue - if they have enough of them. Have to check back Friday. 
 Back in Willie - he was on his way to be washed - he was so dirty. Going by the fishermen spotted this truck and fish.
 A closer look at the fish - sharks??? Dinner for someone tonight. 
 Got to our favorite parking lot and more to add to the tale of the whale's tail. The artist was going to move it and brought in a truck to transport it. When they tried to pick it up it fell over. The tips of both ends of the tail are broken and there it sits. Waiting...
 What a shame - hope he can repair and move it and put it someplace where people can see it. 
 Walking towards the central market we always pass the candy store. Don't think I want any samples if that's what they do to you. Just kidding - they have great candy and candied nuts. 
 His girlfriend.
Just notice this sign on the door of the fancy department store. I don't remember seeing it before.
 Into the Central Market.- just wandering around. Cute dresses for little girls. The shorts Bill wants still haven't come in. 
 Then on to the Plazuela Machado where things were very quiet. No cruise ships in. Only a couple of restaurants were open. 
 Taking down the last of the Carnaval displays.
 Beach Burger has a new awning. Made so the palm tree can go through it. Only a few people there for lunch. 
Back to the parking lot to pick up a sparkling clean Jeep and headed home. The hotel that was charging 860 pesos for a night during Carnaval is back to its original price. 360 pesos a night.
 Went to the market on the way home then stayed in during the heat of the day. Some clouds in the sky so we went to check out the sunset again. A little nicer at least the reflection was. 
 Saw the para-sailor coming in for a landing. 
 As we were watching them land we heard "Hey - long time no see amigo." It was the beach vendor we always used to talk to when watching the sunsets from this area. I've written quite a bit about him in the past. Last year he worked the beach in the Golden Zone so we haven't seen him for a while. Glad we were there when he came to load his truck. Talked until he had to head home then we drove across town. The hotel on the Malecon still has the heart lit up for Valentines Day. 

 And where did we end up - at the Plazuela Machado of course. (The parking lot where we parked earlier has a big sign saying "Open until 12:00 at night" - well they were closed. So we went to the lot that has the neat graffiti and they have doubled their prices at night. Parked there anyway no choice. We were looking for Roberto - For years he was the waiter at Beach Burger. Then a couple of weeks ago he was gone! We heard he was working at a restaurant across the plaza. When we'd been there earlier in the day it wasn't open. And there he was, so of course we had to have dinner at El Cielo. 
 As an aside - to our surprise Beach Burger was CLOSED - first time we've ever seen that. Roberto said that they didn't have a waiter to work that night! Good grief.
 Roberto says he really likes his job here. His hours are better. The management is much better and he now has time to spend with his family. Also told us the restaurant is open for lunch on the days the cruise ships are in.
We had a very good meal and I even got real ice tea. Not something I didn't recognize. We will for sure go back there lots of times. I think Beach Burger is going to lose a lot of customers. 
It is so great reconnecting with people we've lost touch with. And Roberto had a message for us from another waiter that left Beach Beach burger a couple of years ago. Pilar had left his phone number and where he is now working with Roberto to give to us. Probably will try to find the place later today. 


  1. This post makes us miss you two and Mazatlan!! So, El Cielo is where Doug and I had lunch that day that you and Bill went for pizza!! It was really good. That Shasta (in OUR spot......!!) looks like an old one re-done. I really, really love the one we saw but my banker says it is likely a no-go for my dream......life will go on!!!

    Miss you, family of ours!!!

  2. ...oh, also thank you for the heart wall....I love it!!! Remember, I bought one on Constitution Ave, just down the street from Plazuela Machado!!! Hugs.

  3. Welcome back. Glad you reconnected with Roberto.