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Sunday, February 28, 2016


Seeings how we didn't do much to write about yesterday I'll finish up Huatabampito. How did it get it's strange name. Well it is from the local Mayo language, Huata means willow and bampo means water. the ito part means small. the main town is Huatabampo - Willow near the water. and Huatabampito is the little town of willow by the water. Make sense?
The town of Huatabampo has about 80,000 people. The main industries are fishing and agriculture. I did a couple of posts about the fishing. Here is a picture of the agriculture. Fields and fields of winter wheat.. 
 The main street in Huatabampo. The last time we were here a few years ago it was all tore up as the wiring was being put underground. Now it is a nice wide smooth street. 
 There is a big cemetery just as you come into town. Old time president Obregon was born here and is buried in the cemetery. This monument maker is right across the street from the cemetery. Some nice monuments here.
 The cemetery. Now that we're not there I wish we'd stopped and gone into it.
 The craftsmen at work. I imagine they keep busy.
 Another monument about a block in front of the cemetery. It forms a round about in the street. 
 While stopped getting gas these guys passed by us. I remember they have something to do with demons and Lent. We'd seen one or two of them walking around every time we came into town. 
 On their ankles they have the ornaments worn during the Yaqui deer dance. They rattle and symbolize the insect world

 Taken  from the campground - doesn't that boat look like it is floating in the air?
 Also from campground. These tiny plants are sure trying. See the bird print next to it. Yes it is actually growing there in the sand.
Into town to the supermarket Ley. A Ley is kind of like a WalMart or Target. Sells groceries, clothes, household stuff etc. etc. 
Frozen piggy heads. 31.50 pesos I don't know if that is by the each or by the kilo. 31.50 is about 1.75 dollars.
 Chicken feet. Price is 13.69 package or kilo not sure. 13.69 is less than 1 dollar. 
 Any kind of donut you could want. About 30 cents each. 
 I just get a kick out of the brands sold in the stores here. Here is Heinz relish and SW canned green beans. They also sell Del Monte vegetables. The relish is about 2.11 dollars. The beans less than 80 cents.
 Some gigantic tomatoes. I think in the US we call them beefsteak tomatoes. Smelled so good. They are bigger than the red peppers next to them. 
 And a selection of organic foods. 
 And they also sell appliances and ATVs.  The price of this is 1,888 in dollars. Which seems cheap to us. 
 A picture of the ATV. Is it cheap?
So back to where we are now - San Carlos, Sonora, MX  San Carlos is basically a  North American town. More English is spoken here than Spanish. It is a pretty place to spend a few days to rest up for the 300 mile north to Arizona. And just a few miles away is Guaymas - a true Mexican city. 

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  1. Hi Carol and Bill, Here in Rincon de Guayabitos we saw dancers on the beach with those same leg ornaments that look like they are made of sea shells and make a rattle noise. They worn very interesting masks and only have a drum to keep a beat for them - they were dressed alike in what appeared to be Indian type garb. Too far away to get a picture but very interesting.