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Friday, February 12, 2016

Driving around San Blas

I posted about our ride down here kind of late last night and now I'm posting again early in the morning when hopefully the Internet here in the campground will work. 
Our first full day here on the beach near Aticama we managed to keep busy doing nothing. There are three of us here in the El Chaco RV park. Our friends John and Shirley from Idaho and another Class A. Here we are.
Cannot get on line at the RV. Not with the parks wifi or our TelCel MiFi. We can get five bars on the phone but guess there is no wifi signal here. So I have to walk over to the restaurant to try to post.
Yesterday I managed to get half the blog done and that was it. The connection just stopped. Tried it again later in the day with the same results – nothing.
Bill and I drove into San Blas – about 5 miles north of the campground to get a couple of things. The newly painted arch leading to the main one way street into town.
About a year and a half ago the entire street was repaved with cement blocks – not quite cobblestones and not quite bricks. Also every building on that street was repaired, remodeled and repainted – white. Looks strange to see a Mexican town with all white buildings. Sidewalks were redone and curbs put in.
When driving here one has to be careful of the bicycles and motor scooters. They zip around everywhere with anywhere from one to four people on them.
A pretty flower shop on the street. Notice the sign above the door. When the upgrading was done all the businesses got new signs exactly alike. Makes it look real neat. They are trying to get Pueblo Magico designation. They certainly have the history to qualify.
Just one of the murals in town. Don’t know what kind of store it was. Thought it was pretty.
We headed down the road that leads to the beach – the road we took in 1978 in our Pace Arrow. What is that boat doing right in the middle of the road?
Oh, forgot the road turned a little there. The boat is in front of the Naval school.
The school was also there in ’78. And it had a horrid bugler who woke the whole town up every morning. The campground we stayed at was right across the street and it is still there.
The road ends at the beach and the beach has many restaurants and cantinas along it. This is the area we mistakenly pulled into with the Pace Arrow and our trailer we were pulling. It was very hard for Bill to get turned around there without losing face. Even with the Jeep today it was tight.
Just across the street headed back towards town is the part of an airplane. It looks like it is the process of being restored. The windows were covered and it look freshly painted. What there is of it. Will have to find out what’s with it.
Then we made our MUST stop at Juan Banana – best banana bread ever. They were in this same place in ’78. Well the building is a building now, not a palapa. Got some banana muffins. YUM.

Then we stopped by our friend’s restaurant Traditiones. He was painting the outside last year when we were here.
Bill talking to the owner Javier.
Next door to the restaurant is a little shop that sells all kinds of chicken.
We like their breaded cutlets so we always stock up on them. The girl couldn’t believe we wanted 4 kilos of them.

The place is tiny and very very clean.
 We also bought some of these – not a good picture but – thin pieces of chicken breast rolled around ham and cheese with bacon wrapped around the outside. Put it in a pan and cook it until cooked through.
They held our purchases for us in their freezer while we continued walking around town up this the second main street. It has also been repaved and is a two way street passing between the plaza and the two churches. The buildings on this street weren’t refurbished. We walked to the end of the plaza where the vendors are. This group has a very varied vegetable stand.
Across the street are more food vendors. This one sells mostly fruit. Especially papayas.
 You can see more vendors down and across the street. They sell sea food. Most of caught that morning. The shrimp.
The fresh fish.
Further down is house wares.
And clothing – thought this is funny. Might get one later.
And here is a kitchen ware store.
All kinds of real old fashioned oil cloth in many designs for sale.  
By now we were back up the main corner and next to the Central Market.
Another view of the very tall Christmas tree. It is taller tan the palm trees. 
And that’s all for now. The weather is cool over night thank goodness and yesterday had a little overcast so it didn’t so blooming hot. But humidity is high. So pretty much during the middle of the we stay in the AC.
Later in the evening we took a ride back into San Blas where our MiFi works and I posted yesterday's blog.