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Saturday, February 27, 2016

On the road again

We left Huatabampito a day early, just too much wind and fine sand covering everything. It will take an industrial vacuum to get it all out of here. 
Bill spent part of yesterday using the wind with another of his kites. 
Then he took them all apart and put them away. 
Hit the asphalt at 8:00 a.m. - arrived here in San Carlos at noon. 
It was kind of foggy when we left and seemed to get worse before it got better. 
The farmers were all out on the road this morning. 

A new sign - anyway I don't remember seeing it before - on the south side of Navojoa. 
Navojoa has about 10 signal lights. And we usually manage to hit them all red. Today we got lucky two of them were green!
This 41 miles took us 1 1/2 hours. From campground to just north of Navojoa. 
Today's drive was 168 = 120 of it rough miles. The worst road of the trip north so far. The only really good section was from Navojoa to Cuidad Obregon  - 48 miles. All new concrete. 
Lots and lots of construction and lots and lots of road that needs construction. 
Only three toll booths today for a total of 24 dollars - way too much for condition of road.
The RV park here in San Carlos, Totonaka RV, is almost full. We were lucky to get a space that we could fit in. Haven't seen it this full in seven years. Don't know if that many people are not going any further south or if a lot of RVs are on their way north already. 
No wind here and weather is just right, though I don't think it cools down at night too much, we'll see. 
Went to lunch at La Palapa on the beach after setting everything up. 
Then back here for a nap [for Bill.] 
I forgot to mention, the other day we noticed a cigarette display - Pall Mall, Camels, Lucky Strike etc. We asked how much they cost. They come in packs of 16 - for Pall Mall it was one package for 20 pesos about one dollar nine cents.  Guess the government doesn't pile on the taxes for them. 
I see Kyle #18 will be starting in the back for tomorrow's race. And today he won the Xfinity race. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be able to work his way to the front. And hopefully he doesn't get banged to hard for the car not passing inspection. 


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    1. Thank you - used the painting setting on my camera.

  2. Are you paying over $5 / pack of cigs? I'm buying high quality cigs over at Duty Free Depot and I'm saving over 60%.