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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why'd I catch a cold now?

Yesterday I had kind of the sniffles and a scratchy throat – by last night it was worse and this morning I have a full blown cold and a very sore throat. Goody, goody. So today among our travels will be a trip to the Wal*Mart doctor. I don’t care about the cold but tend to get strep throat – want to catch that before it happens. Bill got up asked me how I felt and when I told him –in a whisper – he went back to bed. So much for sympathy.
Looks like it is going to be another warm muggly day. Weather report says only 82 but with a dew point of 63 and humidity of 87% If there is a breeze it won’t be too bad outside.
So last night we went out to dinner again. Can you guess where?
Here is the cook cooking our RIBS.
My plate of ribs, Bill’s was just as big.
He ate most of his ribs, I eat my salad, coleslaw and baked potato so I take home a lot of ribs (with extra sauce) for the next day. I actually think they are better as leftovers.
After eating we headed across town to go to the lookout point by the lighthouse to watch the sunset. Just a mural on the way there.
Hum…doesn’t look like it will be a very pretty sunset. Too many heavy clouds.
Looking towards the harbor and the lighthouse on top of the hill.
We also knew there was a big cruise ship and they usually leave port around sunset. Neat to see them all lit up and moving.
The beginning of the sunset –
Just a bunch of birds flying by.
As we continued to watch there became more and more of a sunset as the sun dropped below the heavy clouds.

Ended up not being too bad.
But still no ship leaving so went looking for it. There it is, still at the dock. Found out it didn’t leave until 7:00. We didn’t wait. It was the Grand Princess
The hotel on the Malecon still has sit Valentines Heart on the front of it.
And Valentinos had some lights on the roof. Not as pretty as it used to be.
Just a shot of the fountain with its lights and the cars tail lights.
Came home and read – for some reason the TV channel we watch the news on didn’t work last night. Just kept getting “no signal” message. A couple of the other channels came in okay.
Today we have to pick up the tiles, don’t know what else. Still haven’t decided if we leave tomorrow or not. Maybe depending on how I feel.
After breakfast out, at Torres of course, we headed to Wal*Mart to the doctor. Got in in five minutes cost 30 pesos to see her. Definitely have an infection in my throat. Glad we didn’t put off going. Gave me two prescriptions – cost 137 pesos less than eight dollars. Also when we bought the prescriptions we got the 30 pesos to see the doctor refunded.
Brought our groceries home, took both pills then went to pick up Bill’s tiles. Again we had to park in the street – but not for long they were all ready and packed for us.

Home now enjoying  the AC and reading and maybe napping. 


  1. Ahh....you two are so inspiring. Married over 50 years and you still like to go to the lookout points and watch sunsets!! Very nice. We hope to be like you guys!!

  2. Almost forgot - ribs look fantastic!!!!!!!!

  3. Carol, I am so sorry to read that you are sick. I never feel good when I am sick!!

    FatFish! Got to love it.