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Friday, February 19, 2016

Eating out and Shopping

Stayed home and inside most of yesterday’s afternoon. Trying to ignore the humidity.
We did go out later just to get out AND I didn’t want to cook and we had to eat…
Drove all the way across town to watch the sun set into the ocean. Not a pretty sunset but kind of dramatic.
 You can see the humidity in the air. Made everything seem hazy. 
Then to the Plazuela Machado for dinner. It was still warm out and getting kind of wet. But what the heck we were there. Most of the restaurants were open with their tables in the street. But not too many people out and about. Of course it was still early. We ended up going back to El Ceilo – why? Because when we were there the other night I got ice tea that I recognized as ice tea. Probably bottled Nestea. We were the only people in that restaurant. Sat down and Roberto came over – he asked me if I wanted té helado. I said yes and this is what I got. See the tea bag? Well it was tea and after I got ice it was ice tea. You never know what you might get. Tasted good.
While there we had wifi on the phone so I kept checking the Daytona duel races. Was glad to find out Kyle won the second one. Looked like the Gibbs cars are fast this year.
By the time we got home it was cool inside.
This morning we watched the birds again. This one is so pretty. But has a mean looking beak.
Had some errands to do downtown. First time I’ve remembered about this building in time to take a picture of it. Tree holding up the roof. Fake? It is one of the hotels here.
We ended up in the Golden Zone at Michael Gallery checking on the tile Bill wants. The car is kind of parked partly in the street. Put the hazard lights on and no one seemed to mind. It is done all the time here. It is parked that way because there were orange cones in the street. 
Bill and the lovely saleswoman had been counting tiles for quite a while and came up one short so she is taking one off the display. And they were put on the display to stay a life time. Took her forever to get it off.

Ended up he is going to have to mix and match. Some of the ones he picked out.

Finally. Success.
Where is Bill going to use them you ask? Well he is going to build window planters under all the windows. Front and side.
 These pictures were taken while the house was still being painted and before the walk wayroof was up
A bunch of new directional signs have been put up around Mazatlan. These are new.
As are the clearly painted arrows on the street.
Just noticed this palm tree downtown. Don‘t think I ever saw it before.
Picked up our laundry and came home for a while.
Then went out again to the Cerritos area to a favorite shop there and Bill found his shorts he has been looking for – got three of them - and I found three blouses of the kind I like.
Home again till later when we went out for dinner. 


  1. Well, all in all, that was a successful day of shopping!! It is the same type of humidity here. Hugs...

  2. The bird is a Yellow-winged Cacique. Getting ready to go to Bill's hometown next week.

  3. We had dinner at El Fish on Olas Altas Thursday and watched that same great sunset but I had forgotten my camera :(