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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another walk for me over 8000 steps. Some amusing sights in Mazatlan.

This is kind of a long post but I want to start caught up tomorrow.
This morning, Tuesday, is another heavy overcast day. But I do see a tiny bit of blue up there. Today will be a busy day. Three major errands to do and packing up the Alfa. 
Sunday was kind of a blah day. It was cloudy and overcast all day.
Sun didn’t break out until later in the afternoon. There was a nice breeze so I decided to take a walk. Thought I’d walked more than that. This time I thought ahead though. I took water, a business card with the RV parks information and 10 pesos with me. The card in case I missed a step and broke a leg, 10 pesos so I could grab a bus back if I walked past my endurance.  
I crossed the street and walked to the beach then stood on the sand for a minute deciding which way to go. Looking north. Still cloudy but nice breeze.
Ended up walking south. Passed this nice area with a pool and some palapas and a round building. For events I guess. But they better do some maintenance.

One of the more interesting things laying in the sand. They are ugly.
Looks like some damage being repaired here. Had to change my course to go closer to the buildings to get around the rocks.
Guess the one place was abandoned after some storm in the past.
There were a lot of big rocks scattered in this area with the drawings on them. I’m surmising they were part of somethings landscaping and not real.

Looking north again. I started near the arrow.
Looking south towards my destination. It is a small light house on the breakwater at the entrance to the marina.
The marina entrance with El Cid hotels on both sides of the water. A dredging machine. And one of the marine helicopters that are patrolling the beach during Carnaval.
El Cid hotel and its marina.
Looking north from the breakwater.
The little lighthouse. I made it!
Time to turn around and go back. This is for John and Jackie – the REAL El Cid Marina Tennis and Yacht Club. We would have never found this!
Just something on someone’s roof. Weird.
Had to duck to go under the flowers
Just someone’s dream. The wall and arch got built but nothing else.
Continued walking, this direction on the sidewalk. Kept touching my 10 peso pieced but never really got serious about a bus. Managed 8084 steps.
Spent the rest of the day sitting down. Watching the Super Bowl on one channel and for the last hour of it watching the Carnaval parade on another channel. The last quarter of the football game took 55 minutes to play 15 minutes. Glad the Broncos won. Hope Manning retires now.
Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast across the street. Like I mentioned another gray day.
While eating we could see a big crowd of people standing on the beach looking north towards something. Also a piece of road equipment showed up. Looked like he was going to go out on the beach. Way up there you can see a black car out on the sand.
We finished eating and went about our day. Went to Soriana Supermarket for a few things. Couldn’t help taking a picture of this display. Someone has a naughty sense of humor.
Before we went home we drove down to the beach to see if the car was gone. Nope. A few pictures of what was going on. Managed to amuse us for about an hour. This was a real "Here hold my beer" moment.
He drove it out there at high tide. Had to come up off the road over steps to get to the sand. The machine - back hoe? plow? came over the steps too and got stuck in the sand. By the time we got there the pulling was about to begin. 
 The water was still coming in pretty high. Getting ready to tie a rope from bucket to car.
 Operator pulled bucket towards machine and car moved forward a little bit. Rope only broke once. 
Had to stop for a minute water too high to tie the rope back on. 
They could only pull him 4/5 feet at a time.  

Here the rope is tied to the teeth of the bucket - it worked better that way. 
Finally they got him on sand stable enough for him to drive away. 
 And there he goes. 
 Here he is parked on the road where this all began. See the low profile tires on the car. What was he thinking?

Some birds that visited us today. 

 Hadn't seen this one before. 
Today turned out to be sunny, hot and humid - ugh. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving for San Blas. So don't know when I'll get to post. 


  1. You were right near our condo unit at El Cid on your walk.

  2. Great photos of the car rescue. The guy was nuts. Can you image the salt water damage to his vehicle>

    San Blas! But we never got together again :((

    1. We'll be back in Mazatlan on our way home. Still going south from here I think

  3. Reminds me of a very late night 50 years ago on Daytona Beach, with my dad's car that I had taken to Florida on spring break. Battery went dead and just barely got AAA to tow it off before waves were lapping on tires! Ah, the old memories and dumbness of youth!