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Friday, February 26, 2016

Around the area of Huatabampito

Last nights sunset. Nice to see after a busy day out and about the area. Taken while we were having dinner in the restaurant at the campground. 

We had visitors yesterday morning in the campground. Herd of cows wandering around. 
 As we were leaving to go exploring we found them up next to the back of the restaurant. 
 Leaving the cows to their grazing we crossed the road and drove out to the estuary. You would never think there was water out this way. But see the line of trees - lots of water behind them. 

Discovered a couple of fishermen out there. He was unloading his boat. Put a couple of coolers in the back of his pickup. He told Bill he had an okay day. He said he goes out there around 4:30- 5:00 in the morning and if he hasn't caught anything by 6 he knows he won't have any luck and leaves. 
 Another fisherman - it is so pretty out here - hard to believe it is in the middle of desert.
 Still unloading his boat and then he cleaned it with buckets of water. 
 Three men in this boat. One to pole, one to help with the net and one to throw the net. Here they are working on untangling the net and getting it ready to throw. 
 Mean while back on shore - a couple of birds checking things out.  
 One coming in and the other still cleaning out his boat. 
This guy was standing so still the whole time we were there that I didn't realize it was a bird at first. Thought it was a piece of driftwood. 
 Getting ready to throw the net. 
 Throwing the net. 
 Pulling the net under water for a ways. 

Bringing the net in - looks like a lot of fish in it. 

And starting all over again.  
After leaving this area we decided to drive the other way towards the ocean. So took Willie on an excursion. He is so dirty now the dirt road couldn't make him worse. We turned off the main road on to a dirt road at this shrine. It has been here since the first time we came here. And someone is keeping it up. It's been painted a couple of times. 

The dirt road started out okay, but in spots it was so bad that other vehicles had made detours through the desert.  
 Lots of different kinds of cacti out here, 
 See the pile of sea shells - lots of piles of them all along this road.
 This was a monster. 
 Some water out here too.

 And the road just kept going, by now it was just tire tracks through the sand. Glad we didn't meet any one coming out. 
 And at the end of the road we found birds. Seagulls and pelicans. Looks like at some time omething was built here. Lots of hunks of broken concrete. 
 A bunch of shrimp boats just off shore. 

 Heading back I saw this barrel cactus with its yellow topping. 
 And in one area all these lush green plants. Must be underground water there. 
 Once back on the highway we continued into town for tortillas. Will write about that tomorrow if we don't do any thing interesting today. At least the wind has stopped blowing but now the humidity has also gone up. 

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