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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Still trying to get settled in.

Well I'll try to get this done and published finally. We left Quartzsite at 9:30 Tuesday morning. We got a later than usual start because as Bill was doing his walk around he noticed that the locking pin that goes through the big pin on the hitch for the Jeep had fallen out sometime the day before. We were lucky we didn't lose the Jeep. So he completely unhitched the Jeep and checked everything out. While it was unhitched we decided we might as well go out to breakfast before hitting the road. So by the time we ate and rehitched it was 9:30.
Going through Parker - I guess the snowbirds are all on the road. Saw lots and lots of RVs going somewhere. There are three plus us in this intersection. 
 Just passing through California. 
 Lots of dips on this road. The California side of the River on our way to Needles. From about this point on the wind really picked up. Bill said his arms were aching by the time we got home. A couple of gusts really shook the Alfa. 
 EGADS another check point. I thought we left them all in Mexico.
 Just coming up to the Nevada border. See the difference in the highway. From two lane asphalt to wider lane concrete. 
 Ah yes, we are almost home. Just have to get through Searchlight without getting a speeding ticket. 
 Las Vegas - almost there. See all the snow on the mountain. 
 Unloading the Alfa. There are bags and boxes all over the house. Didn't we just do this a couple of months ago? Because of all the sand in it we are having to take everything out. Even the drawers have sand in them. What a mess.  And trying to remember where everything goes in this house. 
I am having a hard time staying on the Internet. Our Verizon MiFi for some reason doesn't like where we live. So it is cutting in and out. And our home WiFi with Century Stink Link won/t be reactived until sometime today. I made the mistake of putting it on Vacation Suspension and it takes an act of heaven to get it reactivated. I called them from Arizona on the 7th to have it turned back on, but they can only put in an order for three days out...WHAT!!! They have the worst customer service ever. So I got an email saying it will be restored on the 10th [today] by 5:00 p.m.
It is now almost and it's not back on yet. I sure hope I don't have to call them again cause no one knows nothing.
Also we really had to hurry and unload the Alfa because our neighbor across the street sold his house and needed the street for his moving truck today. So yesterday we worked our butts off trying to get everything out. Finally just took the Alfa to the storage lot and will bring it back after he gets moved. Oh but wait - not only is he moving his house is moving too. The person who bought it is moving it to another area. Supposedly by this weekend. That should be interested to watch.
This morning we went out to breakfast in my car. Of course it had to be jumped to start after sitting three months. [we were gone 100 days.] After  breakfast - - - the car wouldn't start. Didn't let it charge up enough. Luckily there was someone in the lot with jumper cables. I didn't even have the cell phone with me to call AAA
And lets see what else - oh yah - the washing machine won't complete a cycle. And I don't think it is included on our home warranty. Will have to call them. Right now I feel like never traveling again. 
So I'm done singing my sad story and will try to publish this. 


  1. Told you, you should have turned around and gone back to Mexico, when the weather was bad!! lol

    1. Things here in Vegas should be good soon. Today it is going to be warm and windy.

  2. Welcome home, poco a poco. It will all come together eventually.

    1. I'm getting too old for all this work. Old bones complain

  3. But still it felt to sleep in your bed "in the big house", right?? We are back at Las Jaibas and will be here for 2 or 3 nights. I feel a rib dinner coming on!! Your spot is empty.....wannna come back?? We are in 53 cuz the Shasta is STILL in our spot!! Hugs and cheers.

  4. Went to bed at 7:30 last night. Once we get the Alfa cleaned out I don't ever want to see it again.

  5. Re: All the RV's in Parker. Don't forget, it is Spring Break for a lot of families in California. They come to be on the river, and they come early to get the best spot. It will be this way for 3 weeks, maybe more. Take pictures of moving out the house across the street. It should be interesting.

  6. Did you get my response re lunch? Know how you feel. Four months in the Park Model, days to empty into the camper! Seems we accumulated quite a bit of "stuff"!