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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter to All

We want to wish those of you who celebrate Easter a very nice day and those of you who don't we're hoping you have a beautiful Spring day. An that you all have good food and friends and family to enjoy it with. 
The scene in the mall yesterday. The Bunny sure had a lot of patience. I would be fired quickly from a job like his. 
 I took my walk early this morning. Did over 7000 steps or 2.7 miles. Just around the corner from the house I caught the bunny on his way home. I'm assuming he was heading home as he didn't have any more baskets or candy to deliver. He is just resting here. 
 There he goes hippity hopping along. 
 This is the main club house of our community. There is a pool, gym, big TV area and tennis courts. Always well kept up. 
 Spring is in bloom around here. I always like hollyhocks. 
 Another blooming bush.
 And this one has attracted a hummingbird. 
 The second clubhouse near the back of the community. It also has a lot of things to do. And they always have something going on. Classes, variety shows, events for holidays.
 A cactus in bloom. More and more flowers on it every time I go by.
This is a dwarf bottle brush plant. I think it's really pretty. I am checking out plants that grow good here as we need to add some landscaping eventually. 
After coming home we took off again and went to Lowe's to check out things. All we got was another hummingbird feeder. Bill was looking at wood for a couple of his projects but hasn't bought any yet. 
Also stopped to pick up a prescription - WOW - sure don't like the new medication program our insurance put us on. Today's pills went from $30 to $60 for 90 days. And one of mine has gone from $20 to $100 for 90 days. What a crock. 
Weather today is nice but tomorrow the wind is coming again. Predicted gusts up to 60 mph! Until Tuesday and then the temps will drop to high of 60 and low of 48. 

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