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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another neat Vegas Art Project

The weather has finally settled down. Getting warmer and less windy. I actually managed to get a short walk in today. about 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes. Some more weather related pictures. Rain storm over the desert behind us. We didn't get any rain but it was all around us by the mountains. 
 Just a picture of one of the hills/mountains we can see from the back yard, the sun was going down and lighting it up. 
There is a new art project in town. Five women artists had their work selected to be put on billboards. This one is just a few blocks from our house. Hopefully we can find the other four before they are taken down. 
Some information about the project - "It’s one of five in the new ArtPop Street Gallery series placing work by Las Vegas artists on available billboards in town as a way to promote the arts. Las Vegas is among seven states featuring the program, launched by ArtPop founder Wendy Hickey of Charlotte, North Carolina, and brought to Southern Nevada by artist Dale Sprague, a former American Institute of Graphic Arts president. About 40 artists submitted works. In addition to Burkart, the Las Vegans selected are JK Russ, Diane Bush, Melissa McGill and Cheryl Hobbs, each working in different media and subject matter, but tapping into the area's landscapes and character, natural or fabricated."
Just a cute mural inside a building we were in. 
 Willie seems to be following some one new. 
Going to meet friends for lunch tomorrow and maybe try to get to the DMV. NOT.