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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Saturday in Vegas

Another beautiful day here in Vegas, didn't even get cold at night. Bill in the kitchen cooking breakfast for both of us. It was very good. 
 I put away my St Patrick's Day decorations and got out a few things for Easter. Again haven't used them in a long time. Glad we are home for the holidays. I made the place mats and embroidered the napkins several years ago. I keep different bouquets of artificial flowers from year to year for holiday decorations. And I usually have some little figurine to add with colorful candles. But I want to go to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find any spring like napkin holders.
 Some more Easter I've had for years. Stained glass I made for the four windows we've had in doors. This year no windows in the doors so here they are in the kitchen. On the window sill is part of my pig collection. 
This morning we had the gardeners trim the palm trees in front of the house. But the only picture I had of it before was this one I took when we had just bought the house, before it got painted. 
The tree all trimmed. Actually there are seven trees here. Big change between the paint and the trim. These are two of the windows Bill is going to build the window boxes under. He'll trim the planters with the tiles we bought in Mazatlan. 
Took a ride earlier today. This is from in the far south east part of town - a clear day for looking down on the strip. It is quite a ways away. 
 And this neat sculpture is only a couple of blocks from where we live. Look closely - those are old chairs put to a neat use. 
UGH - just finished watching the Xfinity NASCAR race. Kyle led most of the race. Had to really save fuel at the end, was afraid he'd run out. A few cars had already run out by the last lap. He was still leading until he BLEW a left front tire 1/4 lap from end. He got passed but he hung on to the car and drove it to the line to finish 2nd - never did run out of gas.

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