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Friday, March 11, 2016

Living in Vegas

One of the reasons I was excited to move back to Vegas was the fact that it is a big city and things should be easier to get done here. I'm finding out that is not the case. In fact yesterday I told Bill I was missing Brown Coiunty. 
Yesterday I spent over two hours on the phone trying to get information and get our Internet up and working. First it was a call to our home warranty insurance. It took over 45 minutes on the phone to find out that the washer wasn't covered. Guess when we bought the home and the owner supplies the warranty - they didn't pay the extra for the washer and dryer. Oh well. 
So went out and got a new washer - one to match the new dryer that came with the house,. It will be delivered next Wednesday. Until then the dirty laundry will be hidden. 
When we left here in the fall I called the Internet people to put the service on "vacation suspension" - I was on the phone with them for over 1 1/2 hours "waiting" for them to turn it back on. Amazing - they must only have one person working for them. 
I did manage to get an appoint with my family doctor for this coming Monday. That was quick. However it will be May before I can see the surgeon again. 
We have managed to put most of what we've taken out of the Alfa away. But still have a lot more to take out and figure out where to put it. 
This morning's sunrise. 
Went out to Hobby Lobby this afternoon and a stop at the grocery store. Then home so I could watch some NASCAR. Neither of us felt like being real active. 
Tomorrow we'll be going out to lunch with friends. 

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