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Friday, March 25, 2016

Morning Walk

The day started out pretty cool, but warmed up quickly after the sun rose. I put on my tennis shoes and a light weight jacket and started out for a walk. I walked around the community where we live. Managed 2 1/4 miles! At kind of a slow pace though as it took me almost an hour. Need to pick up a little speed. I did waste some time stopping to watch this bunny. I gave up and moved first. He just sat there without moving. Forgot to mention a couple of nights ago during the full moon the coyotes in the desert were in full yip and howl mode. 
On my walk I also stopped to check this out. It isn't the one across the street from us but another one getting ready to be moved. It is up on wheeled dollies and the center parts are all sealed off. I sure would like that rose bush. Wonder if they'll try to save it or just knock it down. Wish I knew when they were going to move it. But I guess I'll get to watch when they take the one across from us. 
We are finally getting our mail delivered to our house again after having it sent to the mail box place. So this afternoon we went to the mail box place and picked up what was there and closed the box. Stopped on the way home to check out some Class C's in an RV lot. Just looking. 
Then stopped at Denny's for a late lunch. I told Bill he better get filled up cause all that was for supper is leftovers and he doesn't like leftovers. I tried their new salmon skillet. It was pretty good. My heart healthy meal for the day. Fish and vegetables. 
My we were young then! January 1978 Dennis, Paul and John, who passed away almost 9 years ago, are all grandfathers. Randy never married and Gil has a 14 year old son. And Bill and I are superannuated. Well I agree with part of the definition, but not all of it. [1. retired because of age or infirmity. 2. too old for use, work, service, or a position. 3. antiquated or obsolete]

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