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Monday, March 7, 2016

Arizona travel - closer to home.

Hello from Quartzsite, AZ. We got here this afternoon after a kind of frustrating, at times, day. Nothing serious - more annoying than anything. 
This was a picture from yesterday in Amado. Very cloudy and cooler then it has been. 
And last nights sunset. The weather is a concern as rain and wind was in the forecast. But mainly on Tuesday. 
We left Amado at 8:45 this morning. Another cloudy and cooler day. Going through Tucson - I really like their overpasses. Some of them are really great to see. 

We planned on stopping in Eloy at the Flying J to have breakfast. We've stopped there several times in the past. They don't have RV parking like a lot of their truck stops. But there is an area along the side of the regular parking lot that RVs will fit in. Bill and I were talking as we pulled into the lot. We both remembered a time when we got blocked in by another RV. And had to wait for him to finish his shopping. We should have turned right at the end of the lot but for some distracted reason we turned left. A few feet into the turn it dawned on us this was going to be an oh, oh! We could not complete the sharp U turn. Had to stop and unhook the Jeep and back the Alfa out. It has been a LONG time since we've had to do that. The kind of thing that makes you look around the lot and hope no one noticed. 
Then we went in to eat. Bill ordered a Caesar salad and the waitress told him they were out of Caesar dressing. A major restaurant and they were "out of" Caesar dressing. Instead he got vinegar and oil. But he did mention - maybe it just wasn't his day. 
Before getting back on the road he adjusted the passenger side outside mirror on the Alfa. Then back across the bridge to get on the freeway. Another neat overpass. [except for the bugs on the window.]
We had just come down off the on ramp and the mirror fell over! Oops. So Bill pulled over on to the shoulder. Thank goodness the US has big shoulders on the roads. He got out some tools and fixed the mirror. But first had to find the right sized allen(?) wrench. Every time a big truck went by we rocked and rolled. Finally got it tight and we were on the road again. 
We planned on taking I-8 west to the 85 north to the I-10. Guess what? The on ramp to the I-8 West was closed. DETOUR! Luckily it was an easy detour. Just had to go to the next off ramp, get off and go under the freeway then back up the on ramp and south to the I-8 interchange. No problem. 
But the mirror was still not right so stopped at a rest area and fixed it right. 
I like this area of the I-10 - lots of neat vegetation. Yellow flowers all along the highway. 
And all kinds of cactus. Backed up by the rugged mountains. Too bad it was so overcast. 
Lots of RVs on the move. And many of them heading south. But I think this is Spring Break week in Arizona. 
We arrived in Quartzsite, stopped to get diesel $1.97 a gallon. Nice price. Got 40 gallons for $79. It used to cost 70 dollars to fill the Jeep with unleaded. Sure like the price now. 
Then went to Shady Lane RV for the night. Pulled into the park at 3:45. Lots of time for 293 miles. 
Our MiFi keeps cutting out so using the parks WiFi. And for a final jab. Turned on the microwave and blew the breaker. Had to have the park handy man woman come over and fix the breaker. 
Tomorrow will be our 100th day on the road. Our getting home tomorrow will depend on the weather. 


  1. I'm sorry for your troubles, but when I read this out loud to Doug we both started laughing. This sounds like some of our travel days. Somehow it's comforting to know that it happens to our seasoned travel veterans too!! Hope the evening goes better and GET HOME will you!!!

    Love and hugs - D/N

  2. The weather doesn't sound too great. Maybe you should turn around and head back to Mexico. lol I need my fix of Mexico posts!!