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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How Willie got his name

I think this is going to be a lazy day. Just arranged to stay one more day so we won't be leaving here until Friday. Couldn't get a 50 amp space in the RV park in Arizona until Friday. 
So any way here is the Alfa and a CLEAN Willie parked here in Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos. Weather is delightful, but will be turning much cooler next week. Tomorrow the Alfa will get a bath.
This park is starting to clear out. Lots of empty spaces here now. Everybody is heading home.
Willie got his name because of the wheel cover. It reminded me of Willie Nelson - just needs the braids.
We went out to breakfast yesterday morning at Rosas Cantina here in San Carlos.
Inside Rosas. You go up to the counter to order your food and they call you when it is ready. Not our favorite kind of dining experience. 
Then we drove into Guaymas again. Another picture of the fountain by the Malecon. Before there has been music playing - yesterday there wasn't. 
The Malecon and Guaymas panorama I love the seagulls all sitting on top of the light posts. Every post had a seagull on top. 
Just up the road was a Carnaval. They were getting ready to pack it all up and hit the road. Lots and lots of rides.
Little cars with a policeman in the center, a good sized roller coaster.
The tickets were 30 pesos per ride or 100 pesos for all the rides. That is a real bargain. As I said lots and lots of rides of all kinds. For big and little kids. 

Back in San Carlos the bougainvillea in bloom along the road to the restaurant. 
Just a clip of driving around here. Actually there wasn't as much traffic as usual. 

Last night we went out for dinner on the beach. Watched the sunset as we ate. About 80 degrees out. 
Rough life but someone has to do it. 
AARGG - just checked the weather for Vegas - it has been in the high 70s and low 80s there for a while. By the time we get home the weather will be experiencing a drastic change. Mid to low 60s expected with lows at night in the 40s. Poor Bill will freeze. 


  1. We have two more weeks before we head home.

  2. Each time I click on your blog and see the new banner photo, I have to ask,"has it been photo-shopped?" I've finally come to the conclusion that you used the "oil painting" setting on your camera. I sort of like the stronger colors, but I think it sort of exaggerates the details of the scene. What do you think?

    1. Yep it is the oil painting setting on the camera. I kind of like the poster like effect of it. But almost time to change it again.