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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Last couple days in San Carlos

Let’s see – Tuesday we did…nothing. Any way nothing to write much about. I only took two pictures all day!
We extended our stay here in Totonaka RV for one more day as we could not get the RV site we wanted in Arizona until Friday. So by Friday afternoon we will be in Amado, AZ for a few days, and wouldn’t you know weather forecast for Amado is rain for next Tuesday – the day we would probably be leaving.
We went out for an early lunch at La Palapa on the beach again. So peaceful there. And good food. Will miss the beach side restaurants when we get back to Vegas.
After leaving there we visited an art gallery here in San Carlos, some nice but REALLY expensive stuff there. Also looked around in a big souvenir shop. 
Same, same stuff as everywhere.
Came back to Alfa and arranged to get it washed 
Wednesday. Poor thing is covered with sand, dirt and bugs.
Then it was nap time.
Later we went out to dinner with friends, Joe and Carol, at the Italian restaurant right next door. Good meal, good company. 
Yesterday turned out to be one of the hottest days yet - around 89/90. And no breeze to speak of. 
Yesterday was another do nothing day. While the RV was getting washed we just drove around town a little. Went up to the mirador to look over the sea. 
Never tire of the view, water, desert and mountains. 
Then came back and vegged out. 
Our friends we went to see in Aticama came here for the night. They are on their way home to Idaho. After they got parked we went out to dinner at La Palapa again. Much to our surprise it was packed. There was some kind of charity event going on  there. So full of gringos. There was an entertainer. He was pretty good. Liked Jimmy Buffet and John Denver songs. Had a good meal and visit.
Came home and went to bed early. 
Today we'll be getting stuff ready to hit the road early tomorrow and cross the border. From here to the AZ campground is 290 miles so it will be a long driving day for Bill. There are several Mexican check points to go through, plus turning in our Mexican paperwork and then of course the U.S. border crossing. 

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