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Sunday, March 20, 2016

I can't prove where I live, but I can prove who I am.

Boy I think I'm going to have a problem getting a Nevada driver's license. Because all  my utility bills, credit cards and bank statements are paperless. I need two proofs of residence. They won't take a medical bill - have lots of them. And they won't take a copy downloaded from the Internet. Going to have to think about this. Both of us are going to have a problem. What a crock. Guess I'm going to have to try to call the DMV - ugh - for help on this. 
Went out this morning to pick a few things up from the store,. I had to get my Peeps for the year. Got a couple of boxes. But I don't like them soft so have to open them and let them get hard before I can bite their little heads off. 
Not a good sports day. Barcelona tied their game - they should have won. And Kyle was 2nd a few laps from the end when he blew a tire - sounds like yesterday. But this time he was too far from the end to keep going. Had to go change it. Ended up 25th I think. 
Cooking the corned beef today. Just sounded good and I picked up two more at the store 'cause they were on sale. Like $5 cheaper than the one I bought the other day. Turned out very good. We both over ate. 
 Happened to go outside at just the right time. Looking out toward the south
 Looking out back over the desert. See the moon. 
 Looking out front towards the west. Unusual cloud formation. It was so still and quiet out it was eerie. 
 Looking south west - a jet was going somewhere. 

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  1. Wow, great sunset shots. Not so great dealing with the DMV.