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Monday, March 28, 2016

About to blow away!

No walking except around inside today. The weather was fierce. There were wind gusts up to 78 mph with sustained winds over 30 mph. Gusts were strong enough to move the car almost to the next lane.
 You can see the weather moving in. Didn't get cold but lots of damaging wind and dust in the air.
 I've been noticing that some of the utility boxes on the corners have been repainted. This is a neat one. 
 Really like this one. Looks more like a photograph than a painting.
 We had to get some work done on Willie. I think I mentioned that the thick metal tongues on the car that attach to the tow bar were getting fatigued. Well they were beyond fatigued into down right dangerous. So a friend sent us to see Rick at his welding shop - Weld Rite. Very interesting. 
 Here is Rick getting ready to take the old ones off and put new ones on. 
 He and Bill discussing things. [the white spot on Bill's shirt is a bug on the windshield - didn't notice it until after I took the picture.]
 The old ones had to be cut off.
 Lots of sparks flying around. One down. 
 One to go. 
 It put up a fight. 
 Putting the new ones on. 
 One of the new tongues. It is a double one for the new hitch. 
 Taken at 3:58 - the sky is dark from the dust, can barely see the mountains. 
 At 4:41 - sky is lighter but dust is still bad. And in the next hour or so it is supposed to get worse for a while. Tomorrow it will be less windy but colder - low 60s. 
Some more weather pictures.

Hum...not weather. 

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  1. Lousy weather! Too bad our kids are there until Thursday!! Hmmm....looks like a cockpit for another motorhome??
    Hugs....Nancy & Doug