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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday in Amado. AZ

A pleasant day in Arizona. We got up early to watch a Barcelona soccer game. Earlier than we needed to. I forgot our TV is on Pacific time and we are in Mountain time.  Oh well.
Then we went out to breakfast and to Walmart again. After we got home from shopping yesterday I started looking around and realized we needed quite a few things from the grocery store that we didn't think of yesterday. 
Then of course watched the NASCAR race. Kyle did a good job of leading some laps and finishing 4th with a 10th place car. He is leading in points, but needs to get that win. 
Looking at the map - we have around 500 miles to go to get home. Last year from here in Amado we had 2000 miles to get home. Really makes a difference in fuel and campground prices for the winter. 
We've been on the road for 98 days as of today. We'll leave here tomorrow morning. How far we go will depend on the weather. There is rain and win heading this way. Driving in the wind isn't fun for Bill. 

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