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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring's full moon. And 1978 memories.

I am so sick of all the political stuff on TV - and we still have six more months of it. 
Didn't do anything today, walked up to the clubhouse for some information and to get the stickers for our cars and the RV. New security measure I guess. As I was leaving I saw a man in an official park golf cart taking measurements of one of the lots across the street. So maybe something will start going on over there. Will seem strange to have homes there instead of empty lots. 
Our new house numbers.- he changed it some from yesterdays pictures. Gives it more depth. And I took the tags off the tiles. 
 Went out last evening and discovered the full moon over the desert. Yesterday the wind blew hard all day so there was a lot of dust in the air. It kind of gave the moon a yellowish tint.  [And it looks like my camera has more dust on the lense]

Pretty isn't it. 
A picture from a long time ago - 1978 -  a bridge somewhere in Central America. Yes we drove across it. 
 On the Sea of Cortez around Guaymas.
There are more pictures in our book. "All The Way To Argentina"


  1. Crossing that bridge was a "trip" - we both had to chuckle at the description.

  2. We can attest to what a great book it was, too!!

  3. Glad you are home. Now take it easy for a bit. Then come here and get your trailer