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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some Las Vegas sights

Just a picture of the desert behind the house as the sun was going down one evening. 
 They haven't started taking out the house across the street. But we also found out they will be putting in three new homes across from us. So there will be a lot of interesting things to watch once they get started. 
A long time ago I made these place mats but have never used them as we haven't been home for Saint Patty's Day for years. Almost forgot I had them. I bought Corned Beef and Cabbage to make but decided to wait for our friend from Indiana to get here as he likes it too. 
 There is still snow on Mt Charleston but looks like not quite as much as when we got home. Today it got up to 85 here and supposed to be warmer than that until Monday when it will start cooling down again. Right now the AC is running.
Got my new washer and it works great. Finally got all the dirty laundry we brought home with us done. Also am feeling a lot better. Doctor said it didn't matter when I take my high blood pressure pills so will take them in the evening now and sleep away the tiredness. I hope. Tomorrow I go for my EKG...had on before surgery but they want another more inclusive one. 
I like the way they do these walls. Wire fencing full of rocks. Then the metal decoration on the front. I always thought Tucson had the prettiest freeway entrances but Vegas is running a close 2nd. 
The Nevada Department of Transportation has a warning for motorists: Beware of giant animals near a Las Vegas freeway beginning Friday.
It’s not the filming of a Hollywood movie or a science experience gone wrong; it’s freeway art. Crews are expected to begin installing giant animal sculptures along the sides of Interstate 15 in the southern valley early Friday morning.
By the time the freeway project is done late next summer, there will be 40 animal statues between Blue Diamond Road and Tropicana Avenue.
The sculptures are made of metal, cut to give the figures a three-dimensional appearance. They range from 9-feet to 11-feet tall and include horses, burros, big horn sheep and coyotes.
The animal statues are the most prominent part of the landscaping and aesthetics portion of the $246 million I-15 Design-Build Project South, which is widening the freeway.
The animal statues are also low maintenance; “They don’t need watering either,” joked Gene Perry, the owner of P&S Metals, which is manufacturing the art and the support beams for signs used on the project.
If someone puts graffiti on the animals, the paint can just be brushed off, Perry said. “It’s a very simple cleaning process.”
Each statue, which weighs about a ton, will be bolted to a concrete pad.
The project was a lifesaver for the local metal company, which has suffered in the recession, Perry said. They hired about 12 extra people to work at the shop, bringing the staff to more than 40 members.
Not many places in Las Vegas are able to do this type of metal work, Perry said. “If we hadn’t taken this job it would have been done in California or Utah.”
But the shop hasn’t done much artwork; most of their work is on structural supports and elements not usually seen by the public.
“This is the first time we’ve had something we can look at and say ‘isn’t that nice,’ ” Perry said.
Plus, he thinks the statues will become popular with locals and tourists, especially the four big horn sheep that will be installed near Russell Road.
“I predict four of these will be the most common thing photographed in this town other than our welcome sign,” Perry said.
 Here is a link to the rest of the article from the Las Vegas Sun in 2011. Some pictures of how they were made. Interesting. 

 And still more pretty on.off ramp decorations. 

We've spent the last couple of days looking at Class C's in the 30 foot range. But no plans yet. We like the Jayco and the Four Wind by Thor. 
I want to thank everyone for their comments to me. Sorry I wrote such a downer of a blog...it was just one of those days. 


  1. Well Carol, you are our blog friend, that's what we are here for, to hear the good and the not so good. Just hope things are ok on the tests you are doing and that things start to improve.
    I am impressed with the statues they are doing. Fun things to see along the way.

    1. thank you for being there - some times one just has to spout off.

  2. Hi Carol,

    I do not handle well at all, my doctor's looking at every aspect of my medical health. He does not seem to grasp that as I age, more things will go wrong. Not every damned thing needs to be examined.

    I find myself having to stand up against my doctor more and more.



    1. Know how you feel sometimes I'd rather not know what is wrong, especially if it wasn't bothering me before Doc brought it up.
      Hang in there - we'll both be fine with a little tune up here and there.

  3. But George the Dr. is required to look at ALL his patients health, although they sometime ignore the: Do NO harm part.

  4. I think the Doc scared me into higher blood pressure - it isn't that high when I'm not in his office.

    1. You are right about that Carol. I always tell my doctor that it's HIS fault if my BP is high in his office. We started taking it at home on one of those electronic ones so I know it's accurate. Beautifully, wonderful numbers in the green so now Doug makes a spread sheet for him! Plus, some of the newer ones can be downloaded at their office!! It's called the infamous "white coat syndrome".....ha ha ha!!