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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Still adjusting to being home

We are still putting things away and trying to remember where we put things when we moved in here. 
Guess we came home too early. The weeks before we got here it was in the 80s now it is barely reaching the mid 70s so Bill is cold most of the day.
Haven't done much. Did go out to lunch with friends from Canada who we met in Mazatlan a year ago. They are passing through on their way home. Also watching soccer games and NASCAR races. Exciting life. Both Barcelona and Kyle Busch won yesterday. 
Went to breakfast this morning to Denny's. Did you know that if you have an AARP membership you get 15% off your bill at Denny's? 
The community we live in is having a community wide yard sale this weekend. Wish we'd known sooner as there is a bunch of stuff we could get rid of. Lots of people driving around looking. So we need to keep the garage closed or we get unexpected visitors. 
Still waiting for the house across the street to be moved out. Should be interesting to watch. Wonder what kind of mess they will leave. For sure a couple of big bushes have to come out. 
Plan on watching another soccer game and the Sprint Cup race later today but that is about it. Tomorrow we'll go to the Alfa and pull more stuff out of it. And try to clean some of the sand out of it. 

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