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Saturday, March 5, 2016

First day back in the US

A quiet day here in Amado, AZ. Watched part of a soccer game Real Madrid played. 
When we pulled in to the De Anza RV Park  excuse me - Resort. La de la! We were told we could park in a nice big pull through for last night only. Then today we had to move to a not so big back in space. The pull through was reserved from today on. 
We needed  to go to the grocery store so we asked the office how long we could stay in the space without moving the Alfa. Also the 5th wheel in the space where we were going didn't look like it was getting ready to leave. The office manager told us we would have to move by 12:00. 
So we hurried into Green Valley to have breakfast at Denny's [three months ago I wrote about one of the employees at Denny's. The older woman named Addy.] She was working this morning and moving like a whirlwind. 
After  breakfast we went to Walmart - needed a few things. We got back to the RV by 11:45 - the 5th wheel was gone. So we packed up, unhooked and moved. We can stay in this space as long as we want. To the tune of $40 a day. We have good 50amps, strong water pressure. Which is good because our water pump gave up the last day we were in San Carlos.  And the TV works fine and the parks WiFi is good. They have a FULL page of rules and regulations. A lot of You Betters and even more Do Nots. 
After moving and getting set up again I watched some racing. Kyle #18 won the Xfinity race. The first time he has won in this series in Vegas. And he broke another record today. He has led 16,000 laps in that series. Today he led 199 of 200. Tomorrow though his car doesn't seem to  be very good. 
I think Bill is coming down with the cold I finally got over. Hope not. As we are thinking of leaving here Monday morning - there is some rainy weather coming this way by Tuesday .
I forgot to take our list with us when we went out this morning so will probably go to the stores again tomorrow. 

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