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Friday, March 18, 2016

This and That.

Just a piece of trivia for everyone. Bill and I were waiting in the doctor's office this morning and I picked up a magazine with Michael Douglas on the cover. We both wondered at the same time -"Is Kirk Douglas still alive?" Neither of us remembered ever hearing that he had died. But then neither of us remember a lot of things we've read or heard in the past. So I looked it up. YES he is still alive, he is 99 and will be 100 on December 9th of this year. WOW.
Had a Cardiac Echocardiogram this morning. Weird hearing my heart beat. Is one of the valves supposed to sound like a duck quaking? Hum...something to ponder. Also made the appointment with the cardiologist for the middle of April. By then my blood pressure should be REALLY high from wondering.
Another warmer day here in Vegas. Starts out in mid 50's and made it up to around 83. The next couple of days should be warm then lots of wind and lower temperatures.
Got my hair cut and had breakfast out. Watched NASCAR in the afternoon. Kyle has a fast Xfinity car and a so so Cup car. He'll start 5th in the race on Sunday.
Other than that not much going on. Gathering up all the information and paper work we need to get Nevada driver's licenses. Good grief, I just want to drive my car not apply for the Secretary of State job. Proof of this, proof of that, won't take this, won't take that. Wouldn't be surprised to see a needle to draw blood when we get there. And I'm sure it won't be just in and out like it was in Brown County. I figure I'll take my Nook and a snack.
No pictures today of anything. Missed sunrise and sunset.


  1. I read an article awhile back on something Kirk Douglas donated as a birthday gift from him...as I recall really neat but the mind is going and that is all I remember

  2. Don't worry too much. If they saw something on your ECHO to worry about, they'd be calling you back in to the cardiologist a lot sooner.