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Friday, December 12, 2014

A busy day in Mazatlan. All kinds of interesting things to see and do

We managed to keep really busy yesterday – from early morning to late evening. The people who washed the Alfa were here at 9:00 as promised. We have had them wash the RVs before and they do a great job. Will even vacuum inside if we want them to. The business is owned by two sisters. We keep in touch with them through email during the summers. This year they invited us to their home for Christmas.
While they were washing it we took a little ride to the beach north of us – Cerritos – to see the fishermen. We got there in time to watch some of them bringing in their catch. 
Big fish
Little fish
And lobsters
I think the lobsters are really pretty.

They told us they find them just off shore in these rocks. As you can see it was another cloudy overcast gray day. 
While there I checked out a couple of the shops to see if I could find a purse like the one I used to have but most of the shops weren’t set up yet – too early. One of the shopkeepers greeted us like long lost friends – “I know you. You like the blouses. I have a new supply and new colors.”  Didn’t buy anything.
Back in the Jeep to pick up our laundry then back to the RV.
Alfie looks so good with the blisters repaired and all clean
Only home for a few minutes when Bill mentioned he had some errands that needed doing. So we headed to the Centro Historico. Parked the jeep in a different parking lot this time as our favorite lot was closed! They had gone out of town for the day. These colorful building are across the street from the parking lot. Yellow, orange and purple.
Really PURPLE.
First thing we did was head to the main plaza to take Bill’s boots to be shined. The Plaza is all decorated for Christmas – pretty in the daytime but very pretty at night. The government building. [later pictures at night.]
They have replanted a lot of the plaza and have decorate the planted areas too. 
Dropped his boots off to one of the shoeshine men who have their setups around the plaza and headed to the watchmaker to get a couple of his watches cleaned and new batteries – dropped them off. Next we stopped by the optometrist so Bill can get new glasses, but he was really busy so we’ll go back – maybe today or next week. Then stopped to get some freshly made candy coated peanuts.
From there we walked a couple of blocks to the Central Market. We got to one shop and the ladies came out and hugged us. “Bill and Carol you are back! We were wondering when you’d come by.” “Bill, where is your hat? You’re not wearing your hat!” Had to laugh – for some reason he didn’t wear his hat yesterday and a couple of people asked him about it. And it made it harder for me to find him in the crowds too. *note to self - make sure he wears his hat.

Wandering around the market I had to take my annual picture of the smiling piggy faces. Poor piggies they don't have anything to smile about any more. 

Just a picture of some of the lovely, delicious smelling fruits and vegetables.
We walked around and I found a black and white blouse made of the loose weave that I liked. And he found a brown blanket to put of the tires as the tire covers are home in the garage! 
Outside on the streets surrounding the market there is almost as much for sale as in the market.
the cart right in front is selling candies and dried fruit
they are getting set up to sell something that needs heat. big kettle and gas tank.
 Checking with the shoeshine man on the way back to the car. Boots will be ready later. 
Back to the plaza where we watched the street being set up for the nights festivities – Our Lady of Guadalupe day. All kinds off food carts were being brought in and set up in the street. Amazing to see what they can unload out of the back of a pick up and set up for serving food. We saw these men in the blue vests and wondered what they were doing so Bill asked them. They were there to help the vendors set up in the street for the festivities that night. Here they are helping the red pick up back up so he can unload.
He had a lot of stuff to unload. Their whole serving cart set up. The three wheeled bicycle was the base, chairs, pots and pans and all kinds of stuff. 
 Everyone helped to unload - the women, the kids and the officials.
 Almost done, just the bicycle left. See the big pot and the crate full of condiments. And Bill watching. 
Starting to get it together
 Looking at it from across the street.
 There were vendors setting up on the other side of the street too - this cart was set up to serve tacos. They had bags of radishes, carrots and cucumbers that I saw.
 And he is carrying a very heavy pot of something. 
Driving back down the street on our way home. [Later the street was closed to traffic.]
I'll end this post with this. Do you suppose they are cheaper because of the holes?
Later I'll post about the evening - we went back to the area for dinner and walking around.   Wait for Part 2. 


  1. I heard the newscasters from San Antonio talking today about Our Lady of Guadalupe Day ---I am anxious to see your post and pictures of it being celebrated there in Matzalan ! I enjoy reading all of your posts and seeing the pictures---so colorful---I love Mexico !