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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We have a bird in love with us.

It is going to be another nice day here. The sun is just coming up and the sky is clear blue with a few puffy white clouds. If we get a breeze it will be perfect.
We have a really stupid bird that is in love with us. He shows up every morning sits on the driver’s side mirror then flies into the side window – over and over again. In fact just as I started to write about him he showed up. Sitting on the mirror.
Then he flies straight into the window – can’t get a real good picture but there he is hitting the glass.
Then he falls to the ground shakes himself off and gets back on the mirror. I’ve tried chasing him away but he comes right back. This is the third morning in a row!
Put up some more Christmas decorations, remember I’d bought these when we were in Arizona. Bright and colorful. Kind of a shame to use them, but we will.
I also bought some more tiny decorations for the tiny tree. Little balls, stars and a bead rope. Makes it look a little better. I picked up a package of red ones and when we got to the register found out the packages were two for the price of one so got another package of gold ones. Still have to figure out what to do with them. Maybe hang them from the lights.
Sunday morning we went across the street to the Torres hotel (time share) – looking at the pool and building from the restaurant.
According to the waiter there was quite a bit of damage from the hurricane in September - very very high waves. Part of the sea wall is gone but most everything else is now fixed. 
Had a very nice breakfast and good music to eat by.
Looking out the windows to the ocean.
Stayed home most of the day Sunday, just enjoying the weather and quiet here in the campground. I took another walk around the fence and discovered a different plant. This one has pretty pink flowers and long green seed pods. Its also a vine of some sort.
And yet another vine with pretty red star shaped flowers.
There are a couple of these weird dead looking trees here too. We know they’re not dead because they are now producing little green balls. Strange.
Yesterday we went back to the Centro Historico – or as I call it downtown – to see the optometrist but he wasn’t in. I have an appointment today at 11:00 but have a feeling it’s not my vision that’s changed but the cataracts are getting worse. Yes, I’m finally ready to admit I have an “old age” problem. But we’ll see. I need new sun glasses any way as I managed to break both my pairs this summer.
This is one of my favorite buildings in the older part of town.
Some information about it.
Also went to Home Depot to get some handles for the outside storage doors. The old ones needed to be replaced.

We were also looking for a restaurant I’d read about but didn’t find it – need to reread where it is and try again.  Then on home where nothing exciting was going on. Just reading, knitting and relaxing. 
I managed to glue my fingers together this morning so now I smell like Goo Gone - but that is another weird story. 


  1. You might try some type of "sticker" adhered to the glass to keep the bird from flying into it . Would hate to have the bird injure itself ---just a thought. With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season upon us I just wanted to wish you and Bill a MERRY CHRISTMAS ---and another HAPPY NEW YEAR down in beautiful Mexico !! Stay safe----and healthy ! I enjoy your blog so much !

  2. I think the bird sees it's reflection in the glass and thinks it is another bird.