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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mazatlan Sunrise

Up early again. And well worth it. Beautiful sunrise.

And the good smell of coffee making – especially the Mocha coffee we got in Aticama. Nice coffee-chocolate aroma. What more can you ask for. Looks like today may be a little less cloudy than yesterday and probably warmer. Didn’t have to have the AC on yesterday at all.
A couple of days ago when we were in the Central Market I got a new blouse. All hand embroidered. It is actually a prettier purple than this but can’t get the camera to show the true color. And it is a light weight material so will be cool to wear.

Yesterday we stayed home all day – well until late afternoon when we went out for dinner at Fat Fish for our weekly fix of RIBS. This year the price went up a little and the slabs of ribs seem a little smaller. But still is way to much to eat. Still inexpensive 2 full meals for under US $13. And the exchange rate is favoring us more and more.
If only the price of gasoline and diesel would go down here. Every month it goes up instead. Well over the prices in the US now.
Some information on the sticky fruit tree – thank you friends for the info.
For centuries, It has been one of the most popular and most productive tropical fruit trees in the world.Besides delicious fruit, the tree produces white, gummy latex that was an original source of chewing gum (chicle). Sapodilla is a fairly slow-growing, long-lived medium-size tree, upright and elegant, dense and distinctly pyramidal, with thick glossy green leaves. The fruit has gray-brown rough textured skin and pinkish-brown, moist, soft and delicious flesh that tastes like a pear soaked in brown sugar. Sapodilla trees fruit prolifically, at frequent intervals throughout the year. 

I wonder when the fruit gets ripe and tastes good. Will have to watch it.
Later today we have to go downtown to pick up my glasses – wow I might actually be able to see

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