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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More problems with electronics

Wow – either I slept really restless or really still – woke up this morning and couldn’t move my right arm. Scared the heck out of me. A couple Advil later and I can at least lift my coffee cup and type. Another hour or so and it should be fine. Getting older brings all kinds of surprises with it.
Yesterday was another quiet day. We went into Guaymas in the morning. Our friends had bought a couple of bottles of liquor – something like, but not, Baileys - in the Leys there last week. When they opened one of the bottles – the contents had gone bad. So they wanted to return the bottles and needed Bill’s language skills. No problem, the store refunded their money after checking the expiration date on the bottle. 2013!  I didn’t know booze had expiration dates on the bottle. Learn something every day.
Then we went to Sam’s Club so they could get a membership. It can be used here in Mexico and the US. And they can renew it either place when due. They’re from Canada and there aren’t any Sam’s Clubs there only Costco. But they travel a lot in US and here.
While shopping Bill had Willie washed. Several guys in the parking lot have those small machines with water and soap and do an excellent job. Then on to Wal*Mart of course – we got a roasted chicken so that was lunch and dinner. Very good tasting – really brown and juicy.
Fooled around with the Nook during the afternoon and finally got it to connect to the Internet and download all the books that were floating around in the cloud. The Internet here the last few days has been really, really iffy. Everyone is complaining. Even the TelCel was spotty.  Also discovered I can get Kindle books on the laptop and download them/upload them to the Cloud so that I can read them offline using Google Chrome. For some reason the Tablet is having a hissy fit and not working at all. I think it got confused when I tried to connect it to the Internet and shut itself down. And it won’t come back on. Have tried removing and reinserting the sim card – didn’t help. Can't find a reset button on it. So now I’m letting the battery run down and then will try to restart it. Like I said this isn’t my year with electronic or technology items.
On that same subject I had a bit of aggravation with the cell phones – yes plural – last night. Our friend staying in our home called us on my [the old] phone. I tried to answer it but the touch screen has stopped working so no matter how hard I poked it it wouldn’t answer. So I picked up Bill’s [the new] phone to call her back. But I called her too soon and her line was busy. So I waited and sure enough the new one rang – BUT - I’ve never answered that phone and it is, of course, different than the old one. So I didn’t get it answered!!!!  And we really needed to talk to her because there is a problem with house – maybe another water leak!  Anyway – waited a minute and called her back and got her. Now will have to wait and see what is going on.

Enough babbling – we’re going to go over to the painters shop and see how he is coming on the storage bay doors. Then this afternoon I’m going to make empanadas. 

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