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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lots of RVs going south now

I got up early again this a.m. to see if I could get my Nook connected to the Internet. Discovered yesterday that the couple of books I ordered have not downloaded. No luck – cannot get it to connect. In fact I can’t get the laptop to connect and stay connected this morning either. I can use the TelCel stick for the laptop if I really want to get on line – like later to pay bills, but it won’t work with the nook. Need to remember how I got the books from the laptop to the Nook last year!!
Didn’t do anything yesterday but hang around the RV. I restarted my knitting project but only got three rows done when I lost interest.
Every day about 3:00 the RVs start coming in here to spend the night before going further south. Last night there were six of them. In fact I can hear a couple of them warming up now to get ready to take off. Loud suckers!
The only exciting part of the day was I fixed dinner last night. Salmon with artichokes, roasted peppers in wine, red potatoes with butter and parsley and mixed vegetables. It was really good.
Today I need to do another load of laundry and get the vacuum out – lots of little burs in the carpet. And we have to go into Guaymas this morning for a while.

The last time we were at Sam’s Club I found some Empanada dough – so maybe this afternoon I’ll make some empanadas – they are always good to snack on. I’m starting to get tired of just sitting around. 

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