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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas decorations - ours

Yesterday was a quiet day mostly spent at home.
I wanted to get some Christmas decorations – mainly a tree skirt to put on the little round table for under our little fake tree. So we went to the fairly new Wal*Mart here in the north end of Mazatlan. Much to our surprise and delight, since we left here in April they have built a Sam’s Club next door to the Wal*Mart.
First into Wal*Mart to get my decorations – not too much to choose from on the “tiny” scale but I did find a cute tree skirt and some place mats – which were a mistake. They are soft STICKY plastic. They are on the table next to the laptop and my arm keeps sticking to it. Have to rethink this.
Lots of gift baskets for sale – all contain one bottle of booze of some type, snacks and candies.
Noticed the Optical store so Bill stopped to ask about an eye appointment.
He got right in. AND the eye exam was free! But their glasses frames are EXPENSIVE! But he was going to use his old frames anyway. The exam was very comprehensive just like at home. His eyes have not changed from his old prescription so no need to get new ones.
We walked over to Sam’s Club and met these children having a piñata party. Thanks to the Rotary Club. This boy took a couple of healthy swings.
After everyone got their chance Santa stopped in and broke it open. Scrambling for goodies. There were also lots of wrapped Christmas gifts to be given out.
Yep! Looks like a Sam’s Club to me.
The white computer is the kind with all the innards inside the monitor. It is US $840  The black one is an HP and is US $700 - prices more or less right.
Our little tree (we’ve drug it around with us for years) with the new skirt.
Window stickers – also have had for years. I wonder when they will quit sticking. So far so good.
At least it looks a little like Christmas in here. Maybe I’ll get a poinsettia plant too. They are so pretty.
Bill has also put a lot of lights outside. Will try to get a decent picture of them tonight.
Around sunset we went over to the beach, but were too late to see the pretty part. But we did meet the vendors we’ve made friends with over the years. They are doing somewhat better this year – more tourists in the hotels.
Fixed dinner when we got home and Bill watched an American movie in Spanish. Sure was a lot of action in it. Funny to see people you recognize speaking Spanish with different voices. Then later in the evening one of the hotels on the beach put on a great fireworks display that we could see.
This morning the rigs that were back here with us left. So we are alone in the back again, at least for now.
I’ve debated doing this – but decided to be crass and do it anyway. If any one has read our ebook and liked or dislike it could you put a comment on where you bought it. Or if you haven’t read it ... it would make a nice Christmas gift to yourself.  It's called "All The Way to Argentina" in case you didn't know and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel and Smashwords. Sorry about that the devil made me do it.

Off to todays adventures after I cut Bill’s hair. 


  1. Read your book and enjoyed it very much. I downloaded it from Amazon to my Kindle. A really fun read. Still can't believe how brave you two were to go on such a long trip with so many children. !

  2. Got the book on Barnes and Noble. Loved it.

  3. Hola Carol! I only read real paper books. Is yours available in that format?

    1. The only way to get a paper copy is from us directly - not available on line.

  4. There is a real paper book Contessa--I read it recently and really did enjoy it ! I first read it on Carols blog several years ago and wanted to own the paperback version. It's that good !! You can find it on Amazon.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. Lots of laughs and OMG moments! I bought it through the iBooks store.