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Monday, December 22, 2014

Just out and about in Mazatlan

The days are flying by – and guess I missed one. So will have to do some backtracking.
Saturday we just went out for a drive in the morning. Stopping in the area where the cliff divers perform. There was one there who asked us if we wanted him to dive for us – for a price of course. We told him No. It was too early for much to be going on there. But we just like walking around the area. This little girl was waiting for her Dad – a Pulmonia driver in training perhaps. Have not seen a woman driving one yet. 
Some new art work in the area. In front of the big apartment building across the street. There were several more birds painted on the wall but cars were parked in front of them.
I always like the sidewalks, If only all the gum could be removed. Very pretty design.
Up a ways and across the street is this building – for years it sat empty and was slowly deteriorating. Before we left last spring I noticed some work being done on it. Thank goodness. Now it is back in all its glory. Part of it is a new restaurant.
One of the towers – the tile work and stained glass is beautiful.
And the stairs – I love them. But would you get dizzy walking up them?
Across the street there was some construction going on. Of course we had to investigate. 
This area has been ruins for many many years. It is called Carpa Olivera – a picture of it in ruins from the big poster in front of it.
What it looked like in its prime.
A closer look at the work going on. There are so many projects going on in the city – it is so great to see.
What it is proposed to look like when it is done. The picture is looking towards the street. The swirl and tower can be seen being constructed in the previous picture.
Spent some time fooling around town. The nearer it gets to Christmas the busier it gets.
Friday evening we drove out to the lookout point by the light house to watch the sunset. Not up to its usual standards but pretty none the less.
Watch a bride and groom over on the next look out getting pictures taken.
From there we headed to the Plazuela Machado for dinner. Got stuck on the street until this pick up got unloaded. You can't be in a hurry here. 
The Kiosk has now been decorated.
We were going to eat dinner at the Italian restaurant on the corner but it has changed hands and the menu has changed.
So we ended up back at Beach Burger – both had fish and we got a sauce for it that was really good – I’d have never combined this – catsup, mayonnaise and crushed pineapple. Surprisingly good.
Saw this young girl arriving to celebrate her 15th birthday.
As she passed by us her group noticed my camera and posed for a picture.
Sunday morning we treated ourselves to breakfast at Torres again. We were entertained by this gentleman from Kansas who accompanied the sax player with his spoons. Very very good and really into the music.

The sax player.
Last night, Sunday, we went to a function with Paquis Corrales, the congresswoman. She was honoring all the people who work for her and with her in all the surrounding little towns. {last year before Bill got ill we accompanied her to many of the little towns}  Here is Paquis, Roberto and Bill on stage drawing names for gifts.
Today we are dragging some new friends – a couple from Colorado traveling with their four young children for the winter in Mexico – to the Centro Historico. Should be a fun day. The sun is out and there are a few wispy clouds in the sky. 


  1. Oh my, you really do have the que pasa of what is happening in Maz. Yes those steps could be deadly and thanks for the heads up on the Italian restaurant, it was a good one.