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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A picture taking kind of day

Yesterday, Friday, we had planned to go to the town of Cosala about 90 miles from here but plans got changed so we pretty much just hung around until evening when we went to a friends house for his daughters birthday. And for the first time ever I had ceviche. I had no idea what it was but it turned out to be pretty good. This is the way Roberto's wife made it: finely chopped fish, carrots, onion, garlic, cilantro and lemon juice. More like a salad than anything else.
This morning – how’s this for a beautiful day?
We went to Torres again for breakfast. I had fruit and a waffle and Bill had banana pancakes. After leaving the restaurant we decided to be tourists and take a leisurely ride to the Malecon. As we got further south the sky started to cloud up and the traffic which has been so light over Christmas increased.
We stopped at the area where the divers perform. More of the birds on the retaining wall across the street.
We headed up towards the vendors that line the street and the sidewalks. 
This year I made a list of things I wanted to do while here in Mazatlan – things we/I haven’t done before. About 15 things on my list. One was to eat cotton candy – I did that so it is checked off. Another was to have a raspado. And here was a raspado vendor. A raspado is kind of like a snow cone. Shaved ice with fruit juice. No time like the present.
The vendor shaving the ice to put in a cup.
The cup of ice is in his hand. He shaves it with a wide blade [kind of like a meat cleaver without the handle] and scoops it into the cup.
Pouring the juice over the ice. The juice and fruit is kept in a big plastic jar.
I got peach and along with the juice I also got ½ a peach. You get a straw and a spoon with it.
Enjoying my raspado. And not enjoying a brain freeze! Next time I want a strawberry one. 
As we were walking around while I was eating my raspado we noticed “a poser” he is the guy that stands up on the diving platform drawing a crowd. He does not dive. But I think he is pretty brave just to stand up there. 
When a big enough crowd gathers the real diver climbs up. Ready!
Go! – I wonder how young they start?
We also stopped to watch this man. He was using a very fine sandpaper to sand an ironwood turtle. He buys the rough carving and then sands them. See the finished pieces in the background.
We always thought the pieces were finished with a polyurethane or lacquer of some sort. Come to find out – after he sands them smooth he finishes them with…shoe polish! This gives them their shine and preserves the wood.
Another thing on my list – to go to the top of the hotel in the background and have drinks at sunset. But it was no where near sunset – something to save for another day. 
We continued our tourist day – but will leave the rest of it for a day we do nothing.

Sunset Saturday night. 
Fixed a good dinner tonight - steak smothered in peppers, mushrooms and onions. Baked potato with sour cream and butter and sweet corn. Yum. 


  1. Brings back memories of when we were there with you two - doesn't seem like two years ago - I can still picture it well! Great sunsets coming out of Mazatlan these days - I follow bloggers staying at the Isla with some great sunset shots also.

  2. We are just enjoying it this year - trying to look at things with new eyes and see things we've overlooked in the past. It is easy to get in a rut - even on vacation. Thats why I made my list! Looks like you guys are having a great year too. I really liked that area but it is just too hot for me.

  3. What a fun day & a great dinner to end it!


  4. It was a fun day - we are trying to get out of our rut of doing the same thing all the time.