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Friday, December 5, 2014

Cooking and cleaning and sunset

Yesterday was a busy day – well kind of. Because it was cool and cloudy I did make the Empanadas. We bought the dough last week in Sam’s Club and last time I made empanadas at home I’d made too much filling so I froze the excess and used that yesterday. The filling - hamburger, sausage, olives, hard boiled eggs, corn, potato and spices.
The dough being filled
Ready to cook - brush with egg
Almost cooked – just a couple minutes more to get browner. Still relearning to use this oven.
After the empanadas were all done I actually drug the vacuum out and cleaned this place up a little. By then it was getting warmer – end of work for the day. Also very humid out yesterday.
The painter came by and said he will bring some of the doors back today. Anxious to see them. And sure hope it works.
By late afternoon the overcast was breaking up – so we had a beautiful sunset last night. Did I take pictures? Is the Pope Argentine?
The campground office with its Christmas decorations. 
Looking east down the beach away from the sunset. A family enjoying the beach and a fisherman. And yes he did catch something. A little fish of some sort. 
Usually we weren't able to find and shells on this beach - just really interesting and pretty rocks. But this year, I guess because of the bad weather earlier in the year there are lots of whole shells. 
Doing a load of laundry this a.m before it gets too hot out. No other plans for the day. Bill walking up the beach 
 Looking out at the little island

 Playing with the camera again - set on oil painting.