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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas Day to everyone. Hope you are enjoying good weather, good food, good friends and good health.
Yesterday morning we went over to the new Mall here in the north end. It is a beautiful and rather expensive Mall. And you have to pay to park there. It always kind of annoys me to pay to park to go spend money…
The Christmas Tree in the Mall.
Nicely decorated – with the ornaments hanging from the ceiling.
We got there just as it opened so there weren't very many people there yet. We walked around checking things out. Do know for sure we will never be able to shop in Liverpool. A golf shirt cost 1895.90 pesos – around US 132 dollars! For a golf shirt – well it was Ralph Lauren. But still. There was also a Jeep Trail Ready Cherokee for US 39,000. Cheaper than one in the US - but without all the crap the US has to add to it. A lot of stores whose names I recognize from home. And the thing we were looking for a TelCel customer service store – so we can buy more Gigs for the Banda Ancha there instead of going downtown. Found it at the very end next to the big Sears. Yes Sears and a very nice one – the nicest one we’ve ever been in. More our price range too.

From there to the WalMart across the street for groceries and then on home. Spent the day home then around 6:00 decided to out to eat. So we headed for the Centro Historico. There was no traffic on the roads, And the Plazuela Machado was empty – only one restaurant open and none of the parking lots were open. There was a lot of street parking which was very unusual…Even the main plaza was empty. I guess everyone stays home Christmas Eve. Kind of spooky out. We didn’t stop to eat and headed back to the Cerritos area. Even the restaurant in the marina we go to a lot was closed. We finally stopped at La Bruja in Cerritos – north of the campground. It was very busy – too busy. Our meal was not very good. I ate most of mine because I was hungry. Bill didn’t - so he had to find something to eat when we got home. 
Today we'll go out to breakfast then don't know what we'll do. 
Again Merry Christmas to everyone. 
A Christmas present from our son Paul and his wife Tina
Twas the Night Before Christmas

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