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Monday, December 8, 2014

Spending night in Los Mochis

We left San Carlos this morning at 10:00, drove 234 miles and stopped at 3:00 in Pemix #7407 just south of Los Mochis on the east side of the highway. More about that later. Five toll booths with a total of 728 pesos around US 52.
We got a little later start than we planned because we went out to breakfast first. And as the waiter was bringing our food to us he tripped. And oops there went our meal. So had to wait for more to be cooked. But it was worth the wait.
Once on the road it was pretty clear sailing – well except for the cows! 
And this was right after we’d paid 175 pesos at the toll booth. Do you think they have to pay too?
Then came the sign!
This is Viacom – the people from there are stopping all the truck traffic and rerouting regular traffic. There is a big dispute over water rights. The government took it all. Here we had to switch into the northbound lanes.
Then in our half of the lane there was a stalled tractor with a truck right behind it. So we had to go into even more of the northbound lane. Fun.
This bus had just gone by us – thought he was going to take our half too. The lanes aren’t very wide and in this area there is no shoulder. Glad Bill is The Driver. The side mirrors just barely clear each other. 
Going into the state of Sinaloa – much improved roads here. Nicer and wider and with shoulders - kind of. 
I didn’t take a picture of one incident ‘cause I was so interested in it. There was, luckily, a very small car three in front of us at one of the toll booths. Suddenly there was a toll booth man out in the traffic lane telling the two cars in front of us to back up – whoa – they didn’t have much back up space. We were sure hoping we didn’t have to back up. We didn’t. They had to back up to get closer to the center divider so the very small car in front could back around them and us to get in a different lane???? By the time he got next to us the lane had widened out so he could get by us with no problem. Hum????
And here we are in the Pemex lot. Alfie with his new doors. 
Here is how to get to this Pemex if you are going south. Just after coming down the second bridge going south take a right and circle around. Going north it is real easy to get into too. Los Mochis is on the left side of the map - right side is going south. 
It is a very nice truck stop. Paid the gate guard 50 Pesos and we’re parked right in front. This is the second time we’ve spent the night here.
It is a really nice facility. Very new and clean inside.
The restaurant. There is WiFi in the restaurant too. 
And our meals. Bill had Chef salad
And I had quesadilla with guacamole – more than I could eat. We both had a soda.
144.00 pesos - with the peso at 14 to 1dollar that was around US $10!

So we’ll leave here in the morning when the trucks wake us up. And should be in Mazatlan sometime in the afternoon. 


  1. I enjoy your updates. I bet you are glad to get into warmer country. Since I visited San Carlos 3 or 4 times 35 years ago, I always look forward to your stay there.

  2. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.