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Monday, December 8, 2014

Got the doors so will soon be on the move.;

We have the doors so will be leaving right after breakfast this morning. Plans are to go about 240 miles and stay in a Pemex gas station over night then continue on to Mazatlan the next day. Another 250 miles.We decided against going to Huatabampito because of the new paint on the doors. Don't need the sand there blasting them.  Of course with us you never know.
Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast at a restaurant within walking distance from the campground. This is our view from our table. Plan to go there again this morning.
Part of the restaurant. We both had coffee, fresh orange juice and a delicious fruit cup. Bill had a ham and cheese omelet and a hot cake. I had two eggs and bacon. The meal costs US $12.
Around 3:30 the guys showed up with the storage bay doors. The two big ones are on.
Putting the three smaller ones on. They look very nice. Just hope the blister problem was taken care of for good.
While the doors were being put on I prepared the inside for travel. Putting away all the stuff we drag out when parked for a while. So didn’t want to cook. We decided to go back to the restaurant where we had breakfast. A quick shot of the sunset from the street in front of the campground.
And another one a little later from our table in the restaurant. Our friends Ron and Janet and Joe and Carole joined us for dinner. Good food and good company.
Coming back to the RV park we noticed the moon. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Big and yellow. 
Looks like it is going to be another nice day - hopefully no wind. A good travel day. 

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