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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season of Beautiful Girls in Stunning dresses

Merry Christmas Eve! – It is hard to remember what day it is here in the continual sunshine and with no TV to keep reminding us.
Guess I’ve been remiss with my posting. Seem to be getting lazier and lazier.
A couple of posts ago I mentioned the wall around our favorite parking lot. Finally got the Real information about it. Notice the crack between small front section and the big side part of the wall.
The chain is trying to hold it together. Last time I understood that the city would not let them repair it – Wrong – the city will let them repair or rebuild it as long as it is done historically accurate. The problem is the owner of the lot doesn’t want to spend that kind of money. He wants to tear it down or replace it with something cheaper… So now he has put the lot up for sale but no one wants to buy it. The saga continues.
We had a rather nice surprise the other day. A car pulled up out front and a gentleman got out and knocked on our door, When Bill answered the delivery man made sure who we were and went back to his car and brought out a cake for us. The doctor who is the director of the hospital Bill was in last year sent it to us. He wanted to know how Bill was doing. So we stopped by to visit with him the other day. He said he’d seen the Jeep going by and took a chance that we were staying at the same campground and sent the cake. He is a good  friend of Paquis, the congresswomen too. Had a good visit with him and the nurse that took such good care of Bill. No pictures of the cake - ate it too fast - beyond delicious! From the Panama Bakery
Monday afternoon we went to the Centro Historico with Esther, Mike and their four kids to the Central Market and Plazuela Machado. Passed this pickup truck parked at the curb next to the cart that sells packaged nuts. The bed was covered with a cloth with sunflower seeds drying on it.
Into the market – they’d never been to one of the big central markets so we had to check out the chicken feet.
Stopped to listen to the two guys who stroll around the market playing their drums and horns.
After the market we went to a yardage shop – everything was so crowded. Then we headed to the Plazuela Machado for lunch. Stopped at Beach Burger.
While there we watched the woman pose for pictures. Her dress was magnificent. Her hair was pretty too. She didn’t have any attendants and she looked older than 15 so don’t know what the story was.

And then this group taking 15th birthday pictures. The girl and her escort
With some of her attendants.
Boys and girls. 
Meanwhile we were sitting at the table waiting for our meals. The children got served first – they had quesadillas. Bill got his meal Italian Chicken Salad, Then I got mine quesadilla and Mike got his burrito. Esther still hadn’t gotten her hamburger…and still didn’t get her hamburger …We saw a plate with a raw burger come out of the restaurant and go into the restaurant next door???? The waiter came over to Bill and whispered to him. Bill started to laugh. Then the waiter told Esther – her hamburger would be ready soon but they were having to cook it next door as they had run out of propane before it got cooked. RUN OUT OF PROPANE??? Saw her hamburger make its trip back to Beach Burger and soon it came out to be set in front of her. Oh My. Welcome to Mexico.
While we were eating the propane truck came to refill the tank. I didn’t think to take a picture of it. They have to throw a rope down from the roof and drag the hose up the building to fill the tank. And of course the street is so narrow they have to block it to keep out any traffic. You can see the propane truck behind the girls. 
Heading home we stopped at Mega, a supermarket, and I had to take a picture of the little tree in the bakery department decorated with tiny baked breads.
Yesterday we pretty much stayed home all day except to go pick up our laundry.

Today we might go to the new mall up by us - 

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