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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beautiful Children of Mexico and great Traditions

Yesterday was another busy and interesting day for us. I was up before the sun again – that is getting old. But the sun did come up – no clouds and much lower humidity. Thank goodness.
Around 10 we headed to the Centro Historico again. Bill wanted to pick up his watches and see the eye doctor. We parked in our favorite daytime lot – it was open today. Next time we go over there I’ll take a picture of the outside wall and tell you a story about it.
From there we went to the watch maker – his shop from the street
Bill had taken four watches in to be cleaned and batteries replaced. He brings them here as they are old watches and when he took them in to be cleaned/repaired in the states the guy told him to throw them out and get new ones. Here this gentleman takes care of them. Cost US $21.
From there we walked up to the main plaza again. It was crowded with families. Yesterday was the actual Virgin of Guadalupe day so there were lots of festivities going on. Here is Santa’s house in front of the government building – across from the cathedral.
One of the many vendors selling toys. They were all doing a brisk business.
The closer we got to the church the more children we saw dressed in period clothes.
Around the church were many photographers with scenes of the Virgin for the children to pose in front of and have their pictures taken.
This little girl is waiting. Her brother is held by Momma.
The boy’s outfits were amazing. All kinds of embroidery work on them.
Another little girl her hair in pigtails with embroidered blouse. Behind them her brother in Moms arms. Check out the straw hat.
This is a tiny baby in Grandma’s arms. Mom checking things out. They were trying to get him to look up.
I don’t think he really cares a whole lot.
With his sister. All the embroidery is hand done.
This is one of my favorites. The mustache is adorable. Most of the boys had mustaches and or goatees because Juan Diaz the man the Virgin appeared to many years ago had one.
So cute.
Bill talking to a family: Great grandmother, grandmother [behind great grandmother], daughter and children. They were explaining the tradition to him.
An older couple walking along the main street – a pulmonia on the street.
A little boy asleep on the seat of the motorcycle with a helmet over his face.
Another whole family in the plaza Grandparents, parents and children.
We headed back towards the RV park but first drove through the big tourist Golden Zone. Am very happy to see that many of the businesses have reopened since the cruise ships have started to come back and since the Durango highway has opened. The sidewalks have been redone. Very pretty. Didn’t stop just drove through – left for another day.
Spent the afternoon home then headed back out to town. Had to stop to see the sunset though we were a little late it was still kind of pretty. And another story for another day – see all the sand – that used to be all rocks!
Once parked we walked towards the main plaza and passed the candy lady where Bill bought his candies nuts. She was making a new batch. They smell sooooo good,. Melting the sugar etc and coating the nuts over the fire.
Spreading them out to cool.
Looking down the street between the Plaza and the Cathedral. Lots and lots of people and vendors.
I got to cross one thing off my “next time we’re in Mexico” list. I got some pink cotton candy. Didn’t taste the same as when I was a kid. Way too sweet. No picture too dark.
The churro man – didn’t buy any as they were just cooking.
Then back to the Plazuela Machado where we had dinner at Beach Burger again. Ate and listened to music until after 8:30  As you can see even that late it was still shorts and t-shirt weather.
The end of another great day. Pulling one of the plastic toys all the vendors sell. It costs about US $2.00
Going to be cooler today - the clouds have moved back in. 

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  1. I can;t believe you were so close behind us and and have done so much in the city. Kudos to you.